10 Best Free Fire M4A1 Weapon Skins, FF Players Must Have!

This time there is the Best Free Fire M4A1 Weapon Skin that you must have to be sick and strong. Esportsku will provide M4A1 FF skins based on the order when we play the free fire game

Playing a battle royale game, of course, there are many challenges that you can get later. In the future too, battle royale games like Free Fire will develop even better. So that all of you later, will never be bored again to try the games that are now presented. K

In the future, Garena will also provide many other new things in this Free Fire game. Even later, there will be a very large June Free Fire Update. So all of you, you shouldn’t miss this update.

Because there are lots of updates that you can get, for sure you won’t be bored playing Free Fire anymore. The development given by Garena is quite good and interesting. Even all of you, can find Free Fire Weapon Types nowadays.

The weapons that are presented in the Free Fire game are all quite good and very interesting to use. For now there is one Assault Rifle which is quite deadly, this weapon is the M4A1 which is very fierce.

The ability of this weapon is quite strong and you shouldn’t underestimate it either. M4A1 is still a mainstay of many players, so you can all try this weapon in the game. This weapon, too, has a cool skin.

This is the Best Free Fire (FF) M4A1 Weapon Skin:

1. Skin M4A1 FF Earth

The first weapon skin that has been the target of many people is M4A1 Earth, if you look at the appearance, it is natural that this weapon was the target at that time. The appearance and motive of this weapon are also quite good and are the best choice.

If you use this weapon, of course the performance of the M4A1 will be even more deadly. This can be seen, from the additional abilities of this Skin.

Speed: ++

Damage: +

Range: –

2. M4A1 Deadly Bath

The appearance of this weapon skin is indeed quite good, because it has silver and metal hues that are very suitable. The ability of this weapon will change quite rapidly when paired with the Deadly Bath Skin.

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Due to this weapon’s stat reduction, it affects the unique abilities of the weapon in the future. The following are the stats of the M4A1 Weapon Skin.

This weapon skin is very painful when used in conjunction with the right person. You can get additional deadly stats. So, if you are a fan of MA41 weapons, make sure you use this special MA41 FF weapon skin

Damage: +

Accuracy: +

Range: –

3. The Best Free Fire Vandal Revold M4A1 Weapon Skin

Next is the Weapon Skin called Vandal Revold, which for the appearance of this skin does not look very attractive. But if in the middle of this weapon, there is a Monster image and pattern which is quite cool to see.

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The ability of this weapon too, will allow you to kill enemies very quickly too. The following are the stats for the weapon’s skin.

Rate Of Fire: ++

Magazine: –

4. Star General’s Best FF M4A1 Weapon Skin

Skin M4A1 FF General

The next weapon skin is the M4A1 FF Star General Skin, if you look at the appearance of this skin is quite good. Where in the middle and almost dominates the color of this weapon, is a light purple color that is coated with a Metallic effect.

For the ability of this weapon too, of course you shouldn’t underestimate it and this was the target of many people as well. Here are the stats of the weapon.

Damage: ++

Range: +

Magazine: –

5. M4A1 Pink Paradise

This weapon’s M4A1 FF skin was just released in April / May 2020 yesterday, but it turns out that the appearance of the M4A1 Skin is quite good and very interesting to use. Of course, you will not be bored, if you see the appearance of this weapon skin later.

The additional stats that this weapon receives are pretty good and will make you a killer. Here are the Skin’s Stat.

Rate Of Fire: ++

Reload Speed: –

6. Skin M4A1 FF Cataclysm

M4A1 FF Skin Cataclysm skin that has been around for a long time, in this Free Fire game. Even in the past there was also the latest Free Fire Event, where you all had to complete the event first, it was good to get the Skin from this weapon.

The additional stats from the M4A1 FF Skin too, will help all of you to fight later. Here are the Skin’s Stat.

Rate Of Fire: ++

Damage: +

Range: –

  1. M4A1 Red Griffin

Talking about great strength, then you must submit to the M4A1 Red Griffin Skin. Where is the strength provided by the M4A1 Griffin, it is indeed strong enough that even you will find it easier to defeat the enemy using this.

You can get this skin later, because the Loot Box from Red Griffin itself will be presented in an upcoming update.

The additional stats are also quite useful.

Damage ++

Accuracy +

Magazine –

  1. M4A1 Netherworld Inferno

The evil power that was stored from within Hell finally came out and was inside the Netherworld Inferno M4A1 Skin. This skin will make the enemy easier to burn, because of the power this skin gives you.

To get it, you can go straight to Gacha during the Weapon Incubator period, before you have to wait for next year first!

This skin raises the stat which is quite useful, of course M4A1 is the most dangerous weapon.

Rate Of Fire ++

Damage +

Reload Speed ​​-

  1. M4A1 Netherworld Shadow

The darkness of this present world, indeed brings many undesirable things to appear. Even the presence of M4A1 Netherworld Shadow is indeed one of the biggest threats from all enemies of the Free Fire game.

This skin has a dark and purple appearance which is quite dense, you can even tell that this skin is only presented in the Incubator.

Use this skin, then you can receive a fairly large additional stat.

Damage ++

Range +

Magazine –

  1. M4A1 Pink Laminate

Then using a Pink weapon is not a problem, what if it is so dangerous? Now this Pink Laminate Skin makes M4A1 stronger and won’t be easy to beat by enemies.

Damage dealt, the effect that is displayed basically becomes one and will create a very large burst of energy.

This skin raises the most steady stats for M4A1 weapons right now, you can’t miss it.

Damage +

Accuracy ++

Reload Speed ​​-

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All weapon skins that are present in the Free Fire game are indeed quite good and interesting for you to collect. But you have to know too, whether weapon skins are useful or not in the current Free Fire game.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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