10 Best Weapons in FF April 2020 Free Fire, M1887 displaced!

Until now, Free Fire continues to increase the number of people who play the game. In this way, of course it is one of the very good developments of the game. Free Fire has also presented many new and interesting updates, so that the players will never get bored when playing this game. This time there are 10 Best Weapons in FF April 2020 Free Fire that you can use during the battle.

As we know, all the things that Garena brings to the Free Fire game are, of course, well received by the players. It is even rumored that there will still be many new updates that are interesting enough for all of you to try.

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In April, for example, Garena will present a lot of the latest updates to try. So that this month, you will be even more challenged and exciting enough to play the Free Fire game. Because the updates are presented, everything is new and has been tested.

Now one of them is a weapon, it is also rumored that there will be a new weapon that you can use in this game. Even this weapon, has an SMG type and is rumored to be a competitor for the king of SMG.

Right now, there are lots of cool weapons that you can try in the game. All of them are pretty good and strong, so that it helps you win matches easily.

So on this occasion we will provide some information about the Best Weapon for Free Fire April 2020 now.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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10 Best Free Fire Weapons in April 2020

  1. AWM

Still ranked first from last month, AWM is indeed very good and deadly when used. Even this weapon, too, can destroy level 3 Helmets with one shot. Even the abilities of his weapons and attachments, can destroy enemy defenses with just 1 shot.

  1. Groza

This Assault Rifle-type weapon is still the second place. Groza himself, is a weapon that is classified as almost perfect in any way. You can even use Groza for rioting, attacking enemies from a distance and to defend too. Of course it’s natural, if this weapon is ranked 2nd until now.

  1. MP40

Now, starting to move up the rankings, MP40 finally managed to rank 3 as the best weapon in Free Fire now. Dubbed the King of the SMG, the MP40 is indeed very deadly, especially when used at close range. The damage of this weapon is large and the Fire Rate is quite fast. So naturally, if MP40 is able to kill enemies quickly.

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  1. MP5

Initially Underated, but finally MP5 began to show its fangs as the best weapon in Rank 4. Even though it is still in the Advanced server ff Buff, many players are starting to like this weapon for Rush. It is even rumored that this will be the newest competitor of the MP40 because of its great damage and accuracy.

  1. Thompson

In addition to MP5 which gets its newest buff, this time there is a new Thompson free fire weapon which was updated this April. Reportedly, this weapon is a design for the MP40 which is the best SMG for free fire today.

The speed and also the damage that is given by eleven and twelve with this MP40. Therefore, Thompson’s weapon is the best weapon for free fire in April 2020

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  1. M1014

This next weapon is often used by Rusher in Free Fire, because the M1014 damage is very large and very deadly. This weapon is also able to finish off the enemy quickly because the damage can be up to 200 more. Especially when doing Headshot, the damage from this weapon is of course quite deadly.

  1. UMP

After getting Buff also on the Advanced Server ff, UMP is now starting to be busy again playing. The damage from this weapon increases, it is even worth using for rioting as well. So there is no other reason, not to rush to use UMP anymore.

  1. SKS

It is an Assault Rifle, but the ability of this weapon is related to the Sniper. Yes this is SKS, Assault Sniper. The damage given by this weapon is also very deadly. Even you, you can use these weapons as a substitute for AWM.

  1. MGL140

This weapon has a unique mechanism, where the bullet that is fired is a grenade. With MGL140 gun shots, you can kill enemies very quickly. But the difficulty of this weapon was quite high, so it was rarely used.

  1. M1887

Finally, there is the M1887, an Overpowered Shotgun. But now it’s not anymore, because you have got the latest Nerf m1887 free fire in Advanced Server free fire. This weapon is rumored, will be quite difficult to use in Rush again. But the damage dealt still hurt, even though it was reduced slightly by Garena.

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So those are some of the best weapons available in April today. How? Is your main weapon on the list this time?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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