10 Counter Heroes for Natalia Mobile Legends (ML)

Hero Mobile Legends have their own uniqueness and difficulty level. There are specialists in blocking enemy movements or kidnapping and killing enemies in fast time. This time there is a Hero Counter Natalia ML for her passive skill!

This is also influenced by the role they have, for example, the Role Assassin who has the task of killing the enemy’s Hero Core. The skills possessed by this Hero also vary, either giving CC effect or dealing damage.

One of the heroes with a unique Passive is Natalia, she is a Hero with a very annoying Passive. Not disturbing in terms of dealing damage, but annoying in existence.

The Purpose of This, Natalia is able to disappear if she is in the Bush. This passive will only light up if you are in the bush for a few seconds.

In addition, Natalia is able to attack enemies quickly when her passivity is on. He will appear directly behind the enemy and give a Silence Effect, and with Skill 2 which makes Physical Damage Immune can help Natalia to kill Marksman quickly.

List of Counter Heroes for Natalia in Mobile Legends

Surely you will feel worried about the existence of this one hero right ?. On this occasion, we will provide several Hero Counter Natalia ML for her passive skill! Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.


Even though this hero is considered not very useful, Rafaela’s ability is a Counter Hero for Natalia ML for her passive skill !. With his 1st skill, Rafaela will issue a star above the enemy’s head and fall on the enemy.

If there is Natalia who is nearby, then she will also be hit by this skill and be discovered. When Natalia is no longer missing, take this opportunity to kill her along with the team members.


This mage is quite annoying, being able to kill with just one combo. Eudora is also able to provide a Magic Defense reduction effect to the enemy with his 1st skill. This is what is able to provide great damage to the enemy.

In addition, his 1st skill can give a hit to Natalia who is missing. If you are caught, then just kill Natalia with one Combo.

Don’t worry, Natalia’s Skill 2 is only for Physical Damage and will have no effect on Magical Damage. So Euodora is perfect as a Counter Hero for Natalia ML for her passive skill!


For the next hero counter for Natalia mobile legends, Odette can also counter Natalia who is missing. But the difference is, he is only able to count Natalia with Ultimate skills and for other skills it doesn’t really work to count Natalia.

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Odette with her Ultimate Skill can deal damage with a large enough area, besides that the damage produced is also very large. Natalia, who is trapped, will certainly be afraid and try to run.


The hero counter for Natalia mobile legends is Aldous. He is a Hero Fighter who is quite strong, especially if he already has 500 Stack. Aldous is able to make all Hero mobile legends inside the map is seen with his ultimate skill, including Natalia.

If you have activated this skill, then just attack Natalia who is far from the turret. Because Natalia is able to withstand Aldous attacks with her 2 skills, but if she is not near the turret then just finish it off.

Yi Sun Shin

Next is Yi Sun Shin, who is a marksman hero who is also one of the best Natalia counter heroes that you can use in the Mobile Legends game. With his ability he can easily find out the location of Natalia.

For example, in a match you want to find the location of Natalia, you can use the ultimate hero which can attack all the opposing heroes in their respective areas, so that Natalia will be visible and easy for you to find out.


Next is Diggie who is one of the best heroes you can use as a counter for Natalia, Diggie’s hero ability will make it easy for you to find out her location.

The trick is to simply point the second skill or the first skill as defense, which if Natalia gets close, you can find out her movements very easily. Now this ability is perfect for countering her.


Next is Nana’s hero, who is one of the best heroes you can use as a counter hero for Natalia in matches in Mobile Legends. This one hero can easily launch his attack on Natalia.

The trick is to simply use the first skill 1 by guessing the direction of Natalia’s attack and also using the second skill 2 to prepare to attack when Natalia appears. Especially in skill 2, Natalia certainly won’t dare to ambush you.


Next is Aurora, which is one of the best hero counters that you can use as one of the best heroes who can defeat and counter Natalia. His ability can lock any hero in front of him.

The method is very easy, you only need to always be alert by preparing a stack of Aurora’s passive skills, when Natalia appears use the second skill which can immediately lock her movements, after that Natalia attacks with the best combination.


Finally, Selena is one of the best heroes you can use as a hero counter for Natalia in the Mobile Legends game. Selena’s hero ability can make you able to give her best attack to find out Natalia’s location.

Carnaya by utilizing the Abyssal mark skill of Selena’s hero, this ability will mark a predetermined area where when an opponent hero enters the area it will appear on the map so that they can find out their location.

Popol and Kupa

Finally, Polpa is a marksman hero who has the same abilities and is similar to Selena. The skill abilities of this hero can find out the movements of the hero Natalia in Mobile Legends.

The method itself is very easy, you only need to use the ability of the Polpa skill which can provide a force to the ambush around it, so that when Natalia comes, you will be trapped and unable to move easily.

That is the hero who can easily count Natalia. How? Still afraid of Natalia’s opponents until now? That’s all we can say, Thank you.