10 Hero Counter Baxia Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is always diligent in releasing new things from new features and heroes. Surely the new hero will be really strong even though he has received several nerves before the Hero is released on Official on the Original Server. This is the hero counter of Baxia in Mobile Legends.

Hero Baxia is one of the newest and most powerful Tank heroes in the Mobile Legends game. There are also many people who don’t really know how to counter Baxia ml and what are the Baxia ML Counter Heroes in this Mobile Legends Rank.

With this special ability that is owned by Baxia, making it one of the heroes who is still quite difficult to discounter uses several heroes who despite having large damage and crowd control.

On this occasion we will provide some recommendationsthe Hero Counter Baxia ML in the Mobile Legends Ranked

List of Hero Counter Baxia in Mobile Legends

You can use this hero counter Baxia to fight it. Who are the heroes who can count Baxia, can be seen below:

  1. Karrie
  2. X-Borg
  3. Nana
  4. Sun
  5. Terizla
  6. Lesley
  7. Akai
  8. Ling
  9. Nana
  10. Chou

It has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it easier and not too complicated. This hero can count Baxia very easily.

What are the heroes that can be used to counter this Baxia Hero? Listen carefully to the article below.


Hero Counter Baxia ML in Ranked Mobile Legends

Maybe for the Hero Counter Baxia ML in the first Mobile Legends rankings, this is not a secret that must be hidden from everyone. Hero Karrie is a very good Marksman for destroying Tanks in Mobile Legends to date, because Karrie has very large attack speed and true damage so that it can make tanks very weak.

These two things are enough to make Karrie a hero counter for Baxia in Mobile Legends because any Tank hero, including Baxia, will not be able to withstand a large True Damage.


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As we all know that X-Borg is still one of the strongest Mobile Legends fighters to date because it has unreasonable damage, even a Hero tank like Baxia can’t last longer than X-Borg’s attack.

Not only that, X.Borg can also hero counters Baxia mobile legends from a distance which makes Baxia difficult when facing on one lane. which is the same as X.Borg. Not to mention that X.Borg has a cooldown very short, so Baxia will quickly die by X.Borg.


Whoever Heros is, no matter how strong the hero is, this hero will not be easily overcome by Nana because this Support hero has an annoying and very annoying Crowd Control effect. Nana can make Baxia into a little rabbit and make Baxia unable to do much. He is a powerful Hero Counter Baxia ML

Not only that, but the Ultimate skill that can provide Stun in a large area, Baxia can’t do much.


Hero Counter Baxia ML in Ranked Mobile Legends

One of the biggest weaknesses of this Baxia 1 skill is that it will stop if it hits a Minion. This will also apply if Baxia hits Sun’s shadow. Because Baxia will be easily stopped with Sun’s shadow that makes him unable to go anywhere.

Apart from that, Sun is also one fighter with damage per second which was quite painful and he could kill Baxia quickly and easily. So that’s the reason Sun as a hero counters Baxia mobile legends


How to counter Baxia ml Hero Fighter with a late attack speed in Mobile Legends is the last hero to count Baxia, because Terizla has Burst damage that really doesn’t make sense. Terizla also has Crowd Control skills which can make Baxia unable to use his Wheel skill.

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Lesley is one of the marksman heroes that you can make as the best Baxia Mobile Legends hero counter today. Baxia is one of the heroes who has excellent mobility, but you can use Lesley to beat him.

That’s right, you can disappear with Lesley’s first skill, this will make it difficult for Baxia to target you, while disappearing you can also do quite a lot of damage to Baxia so you can beat him very easily.


Next is Akai who is one of the best tanker heroes who can easily become the hero counter of Baxia in Mobile Legends. Akai becomes a very annoying hero in a match, because he can lead his opponent to a place and also disperse teamfight.

Now when Baxia gets close to kidnapping one of your fellow heroes, you can use the ultimate called Hurricane Dance which can rotate and keep Baxia away from its target, with this attack you can easily keep Baxia away from your colleagues.


Ling is the best Baxia Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use right now. Ling’s hero ability is very deadly, especially the initiation skill which is practically no medicine!

By using his attacks, Ling can attack Baxia, and if LIng is in a desperate state, you can use Ultimate Ling which can easily dodge quickly, get immunity and give a deadly attack.


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Then, the next Baxia Mobile Legends hero counter is Nana, Nana is a poke specialist, in the sense that she can spam skills whenever she wants, moreover, Nana’s skills can be said to be very annoying, you can turn your opponent’s hero into a doll.

With this ability, of course the opponent will be annoyed, especially Baxia, he will be easily hit by a morph attack from Nana which can make him a rabbit doll. Baxia’s mobility will be disrupted in every competition.


Lastly is Chou, who is one of the fighter heroes who is indeed a very great counter hero. You can use the hero Chou as a specialist in counting. Chou’s attack can be said to be very deadly in attacking the opponent.

You can keep Baxia away when attacking with ultimate Chou, ganking Baxia and then following Baxia wherever she goes. You could say, Chou can be a good executor as well as a hero cover for his team.

Those are some of the heroes that you can use to be able to counter the ferocity of the Baxia mobile legends hero. But it needs to be reminded again that this also depends on how you play. If you are still not very good at using these five heroes, it will be the other way around that Baxia will finish you off.

That’s all we can say, Thank you.