10 Hero Counter Luo Yi Mobile Legends (ML)

Luo Yi is one of the heroes with role mage in Mobile Legends which is currently being meta-once. Luo Yi himself has an attack skill that is considered quite troublesome for his opponent. This is Luo Yi’s Hero ML Counter in Mobile Legends!

Besides that, the damage generated from the attack skill itself is quite painful. This one hero is suitable to be played as a mage support hero in a gameplay to provide good cover and follow up to the core hero of your team.

Because it is very annoying, of course you are thinking about how to be able to count this Luo Yi hero mage in Mobile Legends. Take it easy because we will discuss Hero Counter Luo Yi Mobile Legends here for you.

List of Hero Counter Luo Yi Mobile Legends

Luo Yi is a very strong mage for the teamfight or laning phase. Of course there are several hero counters that you can use as follows;

  1. Khufra
  2. Lancelot
  3. Helcurt
  4. Harley
  5. Kaja
  6. Saber
  7. Aurora
  8. Franco
  9. Diggie
  10. Akai

Even though they are very strong and annoying, you can use the heroes that I have summarized in Esports. Of course it’s easy to counter himself.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the hero counter Luo Yi Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know which heroes can count Luo Yi in a Mobile Legends gameplay, let’s just look at the full explanation below properly and correctly!


Khufra is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends that can be used to counter Luo Yi’s heroes. Khufra has a skill he can use to get to Luo Yi directly using his one skill. After that he can use his second and ultimate skill to make Luo Yi CC. If it’s like that your teammates will easily kill Luo Yi.

This hero is also one of the top tier tank heroes, because it has a complete sill kit and can attack enemies easily. Therefore, this one hero is perfect for countering Luo Yi.


Lancelot is one of the assassin heroes that can be used to counter Luo Yi’s heroes. Through his one skill he can use it to approach Luo Yi easily. After that, he can immediately attack Luo Yi using his combo attack skill. Because the resulting damage is quite large, it can be used to kill Luo Yi easily.


Helcurt is also one of the assassin heroes that can be used to counter Luo Yi in Mobile Legends. Thanks to the Silence effect and his ultimate skill, this hero can be used to kill and counter Luo Yi ML easily. The damage generated from his one skill is also quite painful if hit by an opponent.



Harley is one of the assassin mage heroes who can also be used to counter Luo Yi ML. Harley can immediately blink towards Luo Yi and he can immediately use his combo attack skills. Damage large enough to be able to counter Luo Yi ML can be killed quickly and easily.


Kaja, who is a hero support fighter in Mobile Legends, can also be used as a counter hero for Luo Yi ML. Through his ultimate skill he can lock Luo Yi easily. After being caught in the snare of his ultimate skill, Kaja can dance towards his teammates so that Luo Yi can be ranked easily.


Next is Saber, which is the best Lui Yi Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use, Saber’s ability to provide deadly attacks quickly makes this one hero easily able to defeat Luo Yi.

Now with this one ability you can easily defeat Luo Yi, by using your saber it is enough to use the ultimate attack and attacks with basic attacks to end it, usually just one attack is enough to defeat Saber in Mobile Legends.


The next hero is Aurora who is a mage hero who has the best ability to stop many opposing heroes at once. By using his ability, Aurora can freeze his opponent easily.

You can take advantage of Aurora’s passive ability, with its abilities, Aurora can easily stop the opponent’s hero in Mobile Legends. This will make Luo Yi freeze and be defeated.


Luo Yi’s next hero counter is Franco, you can use Franco’s hero as an Aurora counterter very easily, the abilities of hero Franco can provide a suppressed effect on his opponent.

So that if Luo Yi is going to run away using ultimateny, you only have to pull LuoYi so that he fails to run away, this hero becomes a very powerful hero to defeat Luo Yi’s hero.


Next, you can use the Jawhead hero as one of the best heroes that you can use as Luo Yi’s hero counter in Mobile Legends. With his Ejector ability, Jawhead can easily escape to his opponent.

This can be easily used for you to defeat the hero, just use ultimate Jawhead then attack Luo Yi with his ejector, Luo Yi will be thrown away from his ultimate point so he can’t escape.


Finally, you can use the Akai hero as Luo Yi’s hero counter in Mobile Legends. The ability of this one hero can be said to be very annoying, especially for Luo Yi users. With Akai’s attack, he can disperse the party that Luo Yi has built.

For example, when Luo Yi was using his ultimate, then Akai came with his Hurricane Dance, Luo Yi and his comrades were bounced away so they could thwart the combination process between these heroes.

So that’s an explanation of the hero counter Luo Yi Mobile Legends that we have explained. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Read the explanation above carefully so that you know which heroes can be used to counter Luo Yi in Mobile Legends!