10 Hero Counter Saber Mobile Legends (ML), It hurts!

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games you can play, there are many heroes that you can use in this game, one of which is Saber, this is the Saber Mobile Legends (ML) hero counter that can make the hero useless.

Saber is a very tough assassin hero as an executor, this one hero has great damage in one attack and is perfect for countering opponent heroes. But it turns out that this hero can also be countered with the following series of heroes.

Esportsku this time will provide a line of the best Saber hero counters in Mobile Legends that can make the hero useless in a match in Mobile Legends. So, use this hero to beat Saber!

List of Counter Saber Mobile Legends (ML)

The following is a row of Saber Mobile Legends hero counters that you can use to defeat him. Guaranteed Saber hero immediately useless:


5 Best Saber Hero Counter Mobile Legends (ML), Auto Useless!

Saber will not be helpless against Lancelot, especially if the players are very pro. Lancelot can be the best counter for the Saber hero as long as you are on time to use the second skill.

This second skill must be active when Saber uses the ultimate which if the timing is right. Ultimate Saber will not be active because together with Lancelot 2 skill that gets immunity. Saber is unable to attack Lancelot if the user has the right timing.


Benedetta is also the same, he has excellent immune abilities like the hero Lancelot which you can use to thwart Saber’s ultimate. The use itself is very easy, which must be right when your ultimate saber has to use the second skill.

This skill will attack the opponent while getting immunity, then if the timing is right, Saber’s ultimate will fail because it attacks an opponent who is issuing immunity. Lancelot and Benedetta are indeed eleven twelve when it comes to immunity.


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Next there is the Minsitthar fighter hero who is one of the very tough fighter heroes in using his ability to stop his opponent. Saber can be counter either using Benedetta’s hook skill or by using his ultimate.

The ultimate Minsitthar effect will provide a large enough area where if an enemy enters the area, the opponent will get a crowd control effect and also cannot use skills, so that Saber is unable to use the ultimate which is his mainstay attack.


The next hero is Khufra who is one of the best tank heroes who has very good disabling abilities. This one hero can captivate all opposing heroes with his Bouncing Ball skill.

This skill will block the movement of Saber when attacking and Saber will find it difficult to launch an attack because it will be blocked by Khufra and the skill from Khufra will hold Saber from moving.


Franco, who is one of the best tanker heroes, has the best hook ability as well as the best suppressed skill to defeat whatever hero his opponent is.

This hero’s ability is indeed a counter for all opponents, this is proven to be able to defeat all heroes including Saber himself. That way you can easily count Saber in a match in Mobile Legends.


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Kaja is one Saber Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use, hero one is able to easily beat Saber in a gameplay in Mobile Legends. Kaja can kidnap him very quickly.

Using Kaja is the best option that you can use.By using ulitmate Kaja, he can easily do his magic and provide suppressed skills, attacks followed by ganking from your colleagues can beat Kaja easily.


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Lunox is a mage hero who has excellent immunity in a game, this one hero can be separated from all opponent attacks by using his ultimate which can release all immune attacks.

Now one of them is fighting Saber, which is when Saber approaches, just like Lancelot or Benedetta, Lunox will activate the ultimate which gets immune ability and is separated from Saber’s attack, then can attack him easily.


Next is Kadita which is one Saber Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use, you can use the hero Kadita who has immune skills that can avoid every Saber attack.

Now Kadita herself can attack it very easily, especially when Kadita is currently one of the most deadly assassin mage heroes. Kadita can attack quickly and disappear from every Saber attack.


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Next is Kagura who is one of the mage heroes who has a very good ability to escape from CC attacks like Saber. He can be separated from the ultimate saber quite easily and then he can attack well.

But unfortunately Kagura is a very difficult hero to play, especially his varied skills make it quite complicated to do combos. But if you are good at playing Kagura, you can easily beat the Saber hero by him.


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Lastly is Diggie, who is one of the mage heroes who is able to release all crowd control from his opponent. By using Diggie’s second skill ability, Saber will find it very difficult to move away from his CC attack.

Meanwhile, when Saber does his ultimate and attacks his teammate Diggie or Diggie himself, you just have to use Diggie’s ultimate, then he can easily escape from Saber’s attack, and of course can get away very quickly.

So that’s it for a review of the Saber Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use to beat him. Hopefully the reviews above can provide useful information for those of you who are currently Mobile Legends gamers.