10 Hero Lock Mobile Legends, Core Enemy Auto Die in ML!

Mobile Legends is a Moba game that is very popular in this world. In the Mobile Legends game, there are various kinds of heroes that are available and can be used by the players. Existing heroes also have their own characteristics and roles. There are specialist regen heroes so there are also heroes with skill lock specialists in this mobile legends game made by Moonton.

Hero with lock specialization is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends who can easily target enemy core heroes. By using a hero lock, it will make it easier for you to gank enemy core heroes so they can’t develop. Using hero locks must have good enough skills because it can make it easier for you when ganking enemy cores.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the Best Hero Lock in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know what hero locks we will discuss, let’s just look at the full explanation below properly and correctly!

Best Hero Lock Mobile Legends

Here are some Mobile Legends heroes with lock specialists or locking the best enemies. By using it you are able to defeat stubborn enemies even like Fannny.


Kaja is one of the fighter heroes who is included in the best hero lock category of Mobile legends because he has the ultimate skill lock enemy heroes easily. By using the ultimate kaja skill, you can easily tie the enemy core and drag it to be ranked by your team.

Use flicker to increase the effectiveness of this one hero. Flicker is able to increase Kaja’s ability to lock the enemy he wants.


Aldous is also a fighter lock hero in Mobile Legends. Aldous is very dependent on his stack and when the stack has accumulated in sufficient numbers, it can be easy to kill his enemies. Aldous’s ultimate skill is a lock type attack skill that can easily target enemy cores.


Saber is an Assassin hero who can easily lock enemy core heroes with his ultimate skills. Saber can kill enemy cores with his combo skills. This hero is rumored to be getting a revamp from Moonton and will most likely enter Meta again after being neglected for so long.

Moreover, in season 17 Saber will get a revamp which makes him even more deadly in Mobile Legends. The revamp significantly increases Saber’s damage and makes it possible to be included in a new meta in the future.


Chou is the hero role for the mobile legends fighter who can easily lock the enemy core heroes. Chou’s ultimate skill can kick the enemy’s core far and the damage it generates is also quite painful. With Chou’s combo skill, you can use it to kill enemy cores easily.

Besides Chou has a very high immune ability which can help him to escape all enemy attacks. With the knock-up skill combination, it can also make the enemy difficult when fighting Chou.


Atlas is a tank hero who is over power in the current meta season. This hero has skills that can be used to lock enemy cores. Skill two and the ultimate skill are a very good combo for locking enemy heroes. Atlas can attract all enemies affected by his ultimate skill and slam him to the ground.

In fact, Atlas is a better hero than Franco, his hook ability is very annoying and is able to run after enemies quickly. Until now, Atlas has become the most played tank hero in the current season.


Natalia is an assassin hero who relies on her disappearing skills to lock enemy core heroes. By using Natalia you can easily lock enemies secretly and instantly kill them using Natalia’s combo skill.

At the end of season 16 of Mobile Legends, Natalia became a meta hero that made her often banned during ranked matches. Of course it is not a trivial matter. With these abilities, Natalia greatly influences the course of the game and makes her very superior.

Hero Lock Mobile Legends Helcurt

Helcurt is one of the hero role mobile legends Assassin that is widely used in the current season and can lock easily through his attack skills. The ultimate skill is used first to darken and increase movement speed after which Helcurt jumps at the enemy and kills him immediately.

Enemies who are hit by the Helcurt skill will get a silence effect so that they are unable to move for a few seconds. Of course with a skill like that it is able to make enemies, especially the core hero who has a little blood, will die instantly.


Hayabusa is also an assassin hero who can easily lock enemy heroes on mobile legends. Skill two and his ultimate skill are the best combos to lock enemy cores. The damage generated from his ulitmate is also quite painful and can kill enemies easily.


Jawhead is a fighter hero who has special skills to hunt enemies. The ultimate skill possessed by Jawhead is able to chase the enemy and then proceed by throwing him in any direction he wants.

Not only enemies, the combination of skills can also throw Miions or team heroes and throw them at the enemy. Use control aim lock when using Jawhead, OK!

Hero Lock Mobile Legends Franco

Finally, there is the hero Franco who has the ability to do the best locks in the Mobile Legends game. With his first skill, Franco can throw chains and stab enemy heroes. The rantau will attract enemy heroes and continue with their ultimate skills that can lock the enemy instantly. No enemy will escape this attack. The exception is heroes with immune abilities in Mobile Legeds.

So that’s an explanation of the Best Hero Lock in Mobile Legends that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Use Hero Lock above and aim for enemy cores easily! Make sure you like my esports fanspage and follow the Instagram!