10 Hero Tank ML Meta and OP Season 17 Mobile Legends 2020!

Until now, the Moba games that are present on Android are all very good and interesting to play. Now one of these games is Mobile Legends, of course by playing this game you will feel a different sensation. Even this Android Moba game also has a very large total player.

Even Mobile Legends itself has become a game that can compete with the Free Fire game. Moonton, as the developer of this game, will continue to bring many new updates for Mobile Legends in the future.

So in this way, the players who play the game will continue to grow. Hero updates in this game too, are pretty good and very interesting.

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One of the heroes with a role that is quite famous and needed in Rank is Tank, with this hero you can have a very strong front line defense. The tank itself has the highest HP and Defense than other heroes.

So this Hero becomes a very good War opener and is able to help a team that is in trouble. Usually the Tank hero, will be more dominant in Crowd Control ability. Because this type of hero, it is better when War occurs. Of course this way, you can disturb the enemy. So until now, there have been many updates to hero tanks that are quite strong.

On this occasion we will give you the 5 best Hero Tanks in April 2020.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Our first Hero Tank is Balmond, who has now revived and become a meta in Mbile Legends. Balmond himself is a tank hybrid fighter hero who is currently being played a lot. Besides being sick, this sati hero also has extraordinary resilience and is included in the current meta ranks of Mobile Legends Season 17. So you can play with Balmond again? Can you beat God again, huh! hehe


Usually when Balmond becomes meta, there is also a Hilda hero who enters meta too. Yes, these two tank heroes are the mainstay of the same meta. So if Balmond enters meta, Hilda will also be included in the Mobile Legends meta.

Especially when in the MPL ID Season 6 and MDL ID Season 2 tournaments, Hilda was played a lot and became a Tank meta hero Season 17 and became a winner for pro Player Mobile Legends.


Next, there is the Baxia hero who is the hero with the best roaming abilities and is very fast. Just imagine, the ability that he has that can roll into a ball and hit his opponent is very well done by Baxia. With this capability, of course, Baxia is a ganking and roaming specialist.

In addition, Baxia is also a hero counter for heroes like Esmeralda which is a meta in Mobile Legends today, with this ability of course Baxia is one of the Meta heroes in Mobile Legends that you can play today.


If you look at the RRQ Hoshi match where LJ often uses the Akai hero as a tank hero in Mobile Legends. Akai is also included in the current meta tank, which is Akai’s ability to do a good counter for Esmeralda and Ling’s heroes.

Yes, Akai is a specialist for counter heroes who are very agile and troublesome in Mobile Legends, with his abilities, this one hero is quite worth it for you to play.


Next there is the Uranus hero who is a specialist Tank hero regen in Mobile Legends. Uranus’ ability has proven to be very good, especially in playing as an offlaner. This one hero has advantages in ketahana and can even fight more than two heroes.

Uranus is very strong when dealing with enemy ranks. In addition, this is also the best offlaner tank hero and is widely played in Mobile Legends championships such as MPL ID Season 6 and MDL ID Season 6.


This newcomer has indeed become one of the most Meta heroes in the Mobile Legends game. Atlas has even become a Banned Subscription, because of his very strong abilities. In this way, it is only natural that he is often famously banned.

Skill 1 Atlas can deal massive damage 3 times, Skill 2 is quite unique. Because it can release the Octopus to advance, and it can escape from the enemy’s pursuit. When combined, it will give a Stun Effect to the nearest enemy. The ultimate is SmackDown, it can kidnap the enemy.


Always ranked 1st, but now Khufra has been displaced by Atlas. Indeed, this is quite natural, because Atlas is indeed able to compete with the abilities of the Khufra.

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Even in open war, Khufra is no longer what it used to be. Even if competed for an Open war, then Atlas will have a chance to win a landslide victory in that war.


Next up is Grock, he is also the best tank to date. The defense provided by Himself, is very strong and harder to kill. Even Grock Himself, was quite annoying when it was Open War.

Even Grock is still a Top Pick tank, after Khufra and Atlas. Even so if you use this Hero, don’t be too lustful to Kill because of Skill 1 huh.

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Unexpected, even though the old Hero But Tigreal has proven his fangs in this April. This tank with Passive ability is invulnerable after 4 hits, it turns out to be the best open war too. Even so, Tigreal must be used properly.

Because if it’s just a little wrong, your team will die quickly. In this way, try to give him a Build that strengthens defense and HP too.


Lastly is Belerick, since getting Nerf he finally got off the castle. Initially this Hero was indeed very powerful and very dangerous, because his skills were even better. Even if given a high Build Defend, he automatically becomes very strong.

For now, Belerick’s counters have started to increase. So try, not to be too careless when using Belerick. Although it is good, it must be used properly.

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So that’s some information about the best Hero Tank in April 2020. How? Have you already wanted to try one of these tanks?

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That’s all, Thank you.