10 Interesting Things LoL Wild Rift, Mobile Legends Players Must Know!

The interesting thing about Wild Rift, you must play and know. As one of the potential shippers of the moba market, of course Wild Rift offers a lot of cool things in their game. It’s no longer strange considering this game is an official port of League of Legends, which is sure to provide a lot of interesting things.

Wild Rift as the official port of League of Legends is no doubt about its quality. Riot Games, which promises to have a mobile PC League of Legends experience in a mobile grip, is definitely a good sign. How could it not be, the moba game that is popular in Southeast Asia even though the quality is very poor, surely Wild Rift will be awaited by many people.

Developed by Riot Games, the advantage of being an official port of LEague of Legends is easier development progress. There are already many heroes and skins lining up to be played in Wild Rift which is also a good sign. In the future, there will be many cool things waiting for you.

Here we will provide interesting things from Wild Rift that might be the reason for you to play this game. Indeed, you should try Wild Rift for those who have closed beta accounts. Lots of cool things await.

1. Stunning Graphics

For graphic problems, there is no doubt about it. Wild Rift has stunning graphics based on the official port of League of Legends. The development team has also succeeded in bringing these stunning graphics to mobile.

2. Animations Like Moba PC

Not only graphics, because animation is also quite good in this game. If you try it or at least watch some Wild Rift games you can see that the animation in this game is very smooth and has a good effect. Not many games have been able to achieve these good graphics even though they are still in beta.

3. Various Champion Choices

The advantage of playing Wild Rift is the champions. Here there are lots of choices of championgs that you can use. Besides that, the joy of playing Wild Rift is that champions already have a list of releases, just waiting for the champs from the PC to port to the mobile only.

4. Fog Of War On Moba Mobile

Not many mobile moba use WILD RIFT fog of war in their system. With the arrival of Wild Rift, you can experience the moba game that requires skill and good positioning. Not only with fog, your macro skills will be tested.

5. Ward is very important

Tips for Using Soraka Support Healer in Wild Rift

With the fog of war previously described, there is certainly no lag behind the ward. Wards will be there for you to use in the Wild Rift which can be very important and change the way you play. You must use it in the game.

6. Items on the base, not buy carelessly

ADC Champion Suitable For Beginners In Wild Rift

For PC moba players, they will definitely be happy to finally feel that they have to go home first. Indeed, mobile moba players are currently very spoiled by buying instant items. In Wild Rift, this is different because you have to go home first to buy items at the shop or shop.

7. Giving the Laning Phase at the Beginning of the Game

ADC Champion Suitable For Beginners In Wild Rift

In Wild Rift, finally there is a system that indicates the lane you choose according to your role. This is to minimize new players or trollers because the system will detect if you are playing according to their respective roles and lanes.

8. Not Pay2Win

Finally, there is a mobile moba that you can play without spending money to be strong. Yes, the system in Wild Rift makes you not be harmed even if you don’t spend money. Skins do not add stats and runes for free! If you play a game that uses an emblem system, you will definitely feel it if you don’t have it.

9. Two Spells For A Freer Combination

Wild Rift uses a two spell system that can benefit its players to make combinations. In Wild Rift you can use spells for jungling and other spells like flicker or sprint!

10. A Lively Map

The Wild Rift map will feel more lively and crowded than other mobas. There are many interactions such as plants, bushes, which are more strategic in placement, and many more.

The interesting thing about Wild Rift that is here might be the reason you started this Wild Rift game. It hasn’t been released yet and it’s still unclear when the wild rift’s release date will be, but at least your interest will be important. Also follow our social media on Instagram.