10 Less Popular Heroes in Mobile Legends in 2020 (ML)

At the beginning of this year, Mobile Legends had 101 heroes that you can use, but did you know that there were some less popular Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes in 2020? On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a list of the less popular Mobile Legends heroes in 2020.

The various heroes that exist today do have their own strengths and weaknesses which can make a hero play a lot or not. Because of these various abilities that make a list of popular and unpopular heroes.


Faramis became the most unpopular hero of the other heroes in 2020 yesterday. This mage hero is not only less popular, but also excommunicated by Moonton himself. Yep that’s right, even after two years of being present at Mobile Legends, Faramis still hasn’t got his newest skin.

Faramis itself has the smallest pick rate, which is only around 0.06% in 2020. This one hero is not played very much and even you yourself are very rare to find players who play the Faramis hero.


Next, the less popular Mobile Legends hero in 2020 is Carmilla who is a support hero in Mobile Legends. Even so, this one hero has played quite a lot in several tournaments.

Actually, many pro players played this hero at the end of last year. But unfortunately heroes are not popular in ranked and classic modes. The reason may be that Carmilla can’t be so easy to master that it makes her not so popular.


One of the less popular Mobile Legends heroes in 2020 is Grock ,. Which is a strong tank hero but not widely played. This one hero is actually tough but with the nerf that was present before making him quite weak.

Grock himself is not very reliable as a pure tank hero who usually has good CC. But unfortunately Grock doesn’t have this and tends to be weak and rely on large damage.


Diggie is also included in the less popular Mobile Legends heroes in 2020. This hero support was once popular with the presence of the Diggie Feeder meta at the last MPL tournament. But unfortunately after this meta was ineffective, this hero became less enthusiastic.

This is because the Diggie meta is fairly ordinary and tends to be easy to counter, so many players think that instead of using this meta, it would be better if you just use support damage.


Bane is one of the fighter heroes included in the list of less popular Mobile Legends heroes in 2020, this one hero even has a low pick rate of only 0.11%.

Playing Bane’s hero is indeed quite bearable and even this one hero has various weaknesses in a gameplay, so it’s no wonder that Bane is included in an unpopular hero in Mobile Legends.


The list of less popular Mobile Legends heroes in 2020 is Kaja. It is quite unfortunate that this one hero is a hero that is rarely played, especially after the presence of nerf in Mobile Legends.

In fact, previously Kaja was a very meta hero and even became a mandatory hero in every match thanks to his excellent ability in terms of initiators. But unfortunately last year Kaja was rarely played.


Not only Faramis who is rarely played, Vexana is also included in the less popular Mobile Legends heroes in 2020. The lover of Faramis is not in great demand because of his ability which is quite difficult to play.

Vexana actually has very good abilities as CC support and also burst damage, its ability to provide explosions to many opponents and is suitable in team fight.


Next is Terizla, who is one of the not so popular fighter heroes in 2020. Even though this one hero is very tough as an offlaner, his popularity has lost since the arrival of Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends.

Even though Terizla itself can be an alternative if Thamuz, Khaleed or Yu Zhong get banned or have been used. Terizla can be the newest option as an offlaner, but unfortunately this is not very attractive to players.


Not only Grock, the less popular Hero Mobile Legends (ML) in 2020 is Lolita, which is one of the toughest tank heroes. Even so, the ability of this one hero is unfortunately easy to counter so there are few enthusiasts.

Even though Lolita’s ability is quite good in terms of defensiveness, this one hero can provide a shield to all her friends nearby. But unfortunately, Lolita is still inferior to several popular heroes, especially the hero Khufra.


Finally, the Less Popular Hero Mobile Legends (ML) in 2020 is Minsitthar, which is one of the fighter heroes who even has a fairly good initiator ability. But unfortunately, this hero is even less interested in Mobile Legends.

Minsitthar has excellent hook and CC abilities, it can be said that this one hero is the fighter version of Franco’s hero. Even though the hero Franco himself is quite popular and played a lot in 2020 yesterday.

That’s all, a row of less popular Mobile Legends heroes in 2020. Hopefully the heroes above can be useful especially for those of you who are game activists from Moonton. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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