10 Mobile Legends Heroes Coming in 2020 ML!

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that you can play right now, there are quite a lot of heroes in it, to be precise this year, you will find around 12 heroes to be released. So here we provide a list of heroes released in 2020 in Mobile Legends.

Every MOBA game will certainly release a new hero every month, this also makes you even more exciting and trying new things every month. There are many advantages to using a new hero, one of which is that the hero is definitely a meta hero and if you always use a new hero, of course you can use all the heroes in Mobile Legends.

In 2020, we will have many diverse heroes, starting from role marksman, tank, fight, mage and support. All of these heroes are waiting for you to play in Mobile Legends ranked mode. Then what are the heroes released in 2020? We have a list of heroes starting from those already released and not yet released in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, we will discuss the list of heroes present in 2020 in the Mobile Legends game. Then what is the list of these heroes? Here we will provide a complete explanation.

Hero Mobile Legends Coming in 2020

This time we have a line of heroes to be released in 2020 on Mobile Legends. Both the heroes who are already present on the Original Server and also the Advanced Server, the total number of heroes who will be present in 2020 is around 10 heroes. The following is a list of heroes along with their release date in Mobile Legends.


First there is the hero Carmilla who is a support hero in Mobile Legends. Hero Carmilla was first released on January 17, 2020 in Mobile Legends. The ability of this one hero is unique because it can be a counter for tankers in Mobile Legends.

Carmilla is very suitable to use if your opponent has more than one tanker, with Carmilla’s passive ability, she can steal the opponent’s defense and make her very weak with Carmilla’s ability.


Next there is Cecilion who is a hero mage in Mobile Legends. Cecilion’s ability to support damage is the best among other heroes. This one hero has a stack ability that can increase his magic damage.

Cecilion himself was released on February 11, 2020, this one hero had become a meta and was prone to tires in the Mobile Legends ranked match. This, of course, thanks to its crowd control abilities and the damage it has is very annoying.


Next there is the Tank Atlas hero who is the hero eye to date. The ability of the Atlas hero does not need to be doubted, this one hero can overwhelm your opponent during a team fight. Atlas can chase opponents and provide very strong combos.

Atlas itself was released on March 20, 2020, which was when the first hero was released, this one was very much played and even after 3 months of being present in Mobile Legends, this one hero is still on the list of meta heroes in Mobile Legends.

Luo Yi

Next is Luo Yi hero who is a very reliable mage hero in Mobile Legends. Hero is one of the most popular heroes today, with the Yin Yang ability that is very deadly, Luo Yi has become one of the meta heroes until now.

Hero Luo Yi itself was first released on May 16, 2020, and was given free by Moonton. But if you want to buy it because you didn’t take part in the event on that date, you can use 32,000 to buy this one hero at the Shop.

Yu Zhong

Next there is the Yu Zhong hero who is a hero fighter in Mobile Legends. Yu Zhong himself when it was first released was very horrendous, because indeed this one hero is the only hero who can transform or change his form in Mobile Legends. Just imagine, Yu Zhong’s ability made him turn into a very large dragon in Mobile Legends.

Yu Zhong was first released on June 19, 2020, at which time Yu Zhong’s hero got quite a lot of nerf, tires and other adjustments. But until now, Yu Zhong himself has become one of the heroes included in the meta list in Mobile Legends.


Next there is the Khaleed hero who is the newest fighter hero in Mobile Legends. Khaleed’s ability is indeed one of the heroes who is very suitable to be used as an offlaner. Which is the ability of this hero to be one of the best initiators in Mobile Legends.

Khaleed itself was first released on August 6, 2020 yesterday. Which hero one also got excited and became a meta of pro players, especially in the MPL ID Season 6 tournament which is currently being held. Not only that, this one hero is also a super tanky fighter and is widely played in Mobile Legends ranked mode.


The next hero is the Barats hero who is a new fighter tank hero in Mobile Legends, when this article was written, Barats himself was not yet present on the Original server. But there are quite a few leaks that make it a very meta hero tank when it is released later.

Barats itself has received a release date on 18 September 2020. Which tank fighter hero has the ability to transform himself into a very big one in Mobile Legends. Barats has a passive skill in the form of a stack which if collected will make it bigger and invincible.

Benedetta (Advanced Server)

Next there is the hero Benedetta who is an Assassin hero in Mobile Legends. When this article was written Benedetta herself had not yet been released on the Original server and was still on the Advanced Server. This one hero has great abilities as an assassin with excellent immune skills.

Until now, Benedetta has not got an exact release date, but it is likely that Benedetta herself will be present at the end of October 2020. Interestingly, the leak of the hero Benedetta itself will be released for free through an upcoming event draw.

Brody (Advanced Server)

Next there is the hero Brody who is a marksman Assassin hero in Mobile Legends, the ability of this one hero is very strong and agile, as a marksman, he has the ability to assassin with his dash ability. Not only that, you could say that Brody’s ability can also increase because he has a stack that can be activated.

Brody himself is currently still on the Advanced Server, this marksman hero is reportedly going to be released after the hero Benedetta, who is likely to arrive in November 2020. Currently the ability of Brody’s hero is known in Mobile Legends and Moonton himself is ready to release this one hero later. You are just waiting for the time.

Yve (Advanced Server)

Recently Moonton has also released the Yve hero on the Advanced Server. This one hero has great ability with high magic damage. Previously, Yve had the name Lobe, but it has been replaced with its final name, Yve and to be released in the Mobile Legends game in the future.

Yve himself is said to be a mage hero who has very unique abilities, his skill abilities can be fully controlled by the player. Yve itself is likely to be released in December 2020. To accompany the new year, of course you will play the Yve hero in Mobile Legends. Can not wait, not waiting for a new hero at this time.

So that’s all the heroes that will be present in 2020 in Mobile Legends. Indeed, not every month Moonton presents its heroes, but what is certain is, the Heroes who are currently on the Advanced Server and also those previously released make the list of heroes even so that the 10 heroes will be present in 2020. With many heroes released, of course, there will be many very diverse choices for you to play in Mobile Legends.

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