10 Things That Can Make Your Genshin Impact Account Get Banned!

Genshin Impact is a JRPG game that has an online system, as an online game, of course, it has taboos that can get your account banned. Here are some things that can get your Genshin Impact account banned.

We recommend that you are obliged to avoid things that could make your Genshin Impact account get banned from MiHoYo. Of course it is very unfortunate because by doing a number of things like using a JoyStick alone can make your account float.

The use for example like the Joystick is indeed insignificant, but this can result in a ban on your account, especially if your account has spent a lot of money before. Of course, things you have to avoid.

Esportsku this time will provide information about a number of things that can make your Genshin Impact account banned. Of course you are obliged to avoid the following things so that you avoid the problem of being banned from an account from MiHoYo.

The following are things that can make your Genshin Impact account get banned

10 things that can make your Genshin Impact account get banned!

Here are some things that can banned your Genshin Impact Account. It is best if you avoid some of the points mentioned below.

Using Macro Applications

First is the use of the Macro application which can cause your account to get banned. Using a macro-like application can indeed make it easier for you to play this game.

Especially when you use the macro application in this game, you will get some massive later. For example, you can do gacha over and over again by yourself, adjust the number of chunks you can use to refine and many other functions.

Using the Keyboard Mapping Application

The next thing that can make your Genshin Impact account banned is to use a keyboard mapping application. This one application is usually used when you use an additional keyboard on an Android device or maybe a PS device.

Using the Mapping application usually has a function to adjust the settings from the Keyboard to the game, so that the game can run perfectly. But unfortunately using the Keyboard Mapping Application is not allowed by MiHoYo and results in a ban.

Using a Mapping Controller Application

Next is to use a Mapping Controller which has a similar function to Keyboard mapping. The use of the application is prohibited by MiHoYo. The Control Mapping application is usually used if you want to use a Stick on Android.

Currently, the mobile device itself still doesn’t support controllers, so if you want to use a controller you have to set it up manually. One of them is a controller mapping application which is usually found in several controller manufacturers.

Applications That Can Manipulate Game Clients

The next thing that can get your Genshin Impact account banned is to use an application that can manipulate the game client. This means using a cheat application which of course can harm the game itself.

The use of such applications is strictly prohibited by developers because it can be detrimental. Of course the use of direct cheats will get banned at once from MiHoYo.

Applications That Manipulate Memory

Next is to use an application that can manipulate memory which can result in a ban from MiHoYo. Using this one application can improve the performance of the game. Although it does not result in losses, this is prohibited by MiHoYo.

Applications that can manipulate memory are usually in the form of swap memory or swap ram which you usually encounter on the Google Play Store. This application can also be found on PC devices, and its use itself is prohibited from playing Genshin Impact.

Third Party Applications Related To The Game

The next thing that can get your Genshin Impact account banned is to use any application other than the application made by MiHoYo and related to the Genshin Impact game.

Although unfortunately there is no example of an application for this, but in simple terms if you use an application that is connected to Genshin Impact, and is not an application made by MiHoYo, it will result in a ban.

Using the Game Booster Application

What is quite interesting is the use of Game Booster which can also result in tires from MiHoYo. Unfortunately, it is not clear what are the prohibited applications, because the Game Booster itself is quite numerous and varied.

For example, such as the default HP Game Booster, the default VGA (PC) Game Booster application and many others. But it looks like if it’s factory default, it can be used, what shouldn’t be used is the game booster application available on the Google Play Store.

Doing Buying and Selling Accounts

It is commonplace that buying and selling a Genshin Impact account can result in tires. This is prohibited by MiHoYo and there is already a lot of evidence from this one activity that gets a lot of tires.

The buying and selling process is included in personal benefits and MiHoYo does not get income, the rest if this continues there will be many gamers who deliberately create many accounts to sell, and the rest will burden the Genshin Impact server burden.

Performing Illegal Top Up

Next thing that can get your Genshin Impact account banned is doing an illegal top up. This can result in being banned and detrimental to game developers. This could be alone or otherwise.

It’s better if you do top up independently or use several official sites that are already trusted and are well known to many people, for example, such as Unipin, Codashop and many others.

Perform Purchase Refunds

The last thing that can get your Genshin Impact account banned is to make a purchase refund. Now this problem has often been encountered recently. Which is where many of the gamers do top up on services that you often encounter.

Although not everyone, usually refunds and also offers cheaper prices so that many players are tempted. As a result, the victim’s account will get a mines primogems penalty and if it is not paid, it will get a ban.

So that’s it for a review of a few things that can result in a ban on the Genshin Impact account. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful and can answer your curiosity about what can cause tires in Genshin Impact.