12 Best Free Fire Pet, Must Have FF Players!

This time there is the best Pet Free Fire (FF) that free fire players must have. With the Best Free Fire Pet, it will definitely be easy to bounce.

Various updates and interesting new features have been present in this Free Fire game. With the presence of such a thing, of course the Free Fire game is the best until now. The total number of players who have played this game has reached more than 250 million players from all over the world.

Until now, Garena free fire has presented a variety of new features that are cool enough to try. Apart from using the Character feature, you can also use the Pet Feature and the FF pet function in this Free Fire game. This time, esportsku will give you the Best Free Fire Pet that you can use in 2020

This is a list of the Best Free Fire PPet that FF players must have:

Best Pet Free Fire (FF)

Pet Poring

Pet Poring FF is one of the best free fire pets to date. With his very good abilities as a character support.

This pet turns out to have a pretty good ability. Pet Poring FF has a unique ability, where it can repair Armor that has been damaged after a battle. Besides that, this Pet can also strengthen your Armor.

This pet is here because Ragnarok X Free fire, which lasted from February to March, was in free fire 2020

Spirit Fox – Best Free Fire Pet

Talking about HP, Spirit Fox is the answer. This Best Free Fire Pet is quite unique and very good, because Spirit Fox will provide a large amount of HP regen. Of course this will help you, after fighting later.


Are you a Gloo Wall item user? Don’t forget to bring Pet Robo free fire. Pet’s ability is quite interesting, he can create a protective shield on the Gloo Wall that you install. Even Robo will also increase HP on the Gloo Wall, making it difficult to destroy.

Night Panther

If you like Looting in a lot of circumstances, this Pet is perfect for you. The ability of the Night Panther is to be able to help you, to store more Looting Items. So like the word, he adds the contents of your bag in the mark.


Pet Panda is the best Free Fire pet that you must have. This pet is the best for FF rusher to date

If you are a Rush Player, Panda looks good to be paired with you. The ability of this Pet is to give Heal Effect, when it manages to kill the enemy. Even if you look again, this Pet is suitable for combining with the Jota free fire character.

Shiba’s Best Free Fire Pet

Eating mushrooms in a match is something that must be done. In order for your EP to increase, now Shiba’s Best Free Fire Pet will help you find these Mushrooms. This pet will later mark the mushrooms he finds, so you can find them easily.


Even though the Best Free Fire Pet will be available on April 8, 2020, the popularity of this Pet is very busy in the Advanced Server. This pet is quite useful, in increasing Energy Points. When you are on Revive or Filling HP with Medic Kit, the EP will increase by itself

Kitty’s Best Free Fire Pet

Actually this one pet has no special. It’s just that the cuteness of this pet can be your weapon. With a design that is quite dancing, there is nothing wrong with you bringing this pet.

Mechanical Pup

Just like Kitty, Mecha Pup actually doesn’t have any special skills. Just as your entertainer when playing. Maybe it can improve the morale of the game and your mood.


A very useful pet in the early game, Falcon can speed up and benefit you when you get off the plane. Apart from the increased speed, you will also have better control.

Mr. Waggor

Mr Waggor is no stranger to being the best pet. Himself is often used by high rank players for his abilities. With Mr. Waggor’s skills, he can give some Gloo Walls for free!

Rockie’s Best Free Fire Pet!

In this pet you can see a pet that is very good in battle in terms of defense and attack.

With the combination of free fire characters available, you can conquer matches quickly and easily when using this pet rockie free fire (FF).
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So, those are some of the best pets in the Free Fire game until 2020. How? Are you interested in trying one of these Pets?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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