15 Best Open Map ML Heroes in Mobile Legends!

Mobile Legends is one of the best games you can play. In this one game, there are various types of heroes that can be played, starting from the best offlaner, the best support, and there are also heroes who have the best open map abilities in Mobile Legends.

The open map function in the Mobile Legends game is very important, knowing the location of the opponent’s hero will be very good for the team to anticipate the movements of the opponent, therefore it is necessary to have the ability to open a map of a hero in order to know the opponent’s position easily.

On this occasion, we will provide a row of heroes who have excellent open Map abilities in the Mobile Legends game. Of course, knowing the enemy’s location with the help of the following heroes can help you to find out your opponent’s movements in Mobile Legends.

The Best ML Hero Open Map in Mobile Legends!

Yi Sun Shin

This hero has the ultimate skill that can attack from any position. Mountain shocker is capable of being Yi Sun’s skill which can provide successive attacks of fire arrows to enemies. Yi Sun can detect the opponent’s movement in just 2 seconds, similar to the principle of the map hack cheat.

When the mountain shocker skill is active, this hero will easily detect enemy movements on the map, however, in its use, this skill is easily avoided by the opponent, a little bit of enemy dodge is able to dodge it well.


Natalia is an assassin hero who has the ability to stealth or disappear from the opponent’s map, this ability is very useful for the team to open the map to the opponent’s area very easily. In addition, Natalia also has very fast movement speed capabilities to make it easier for her to rotate.

With Natalia, you don’t need to worry about ganking from your opponent, because with Natalia’s very fast rotation, each enemy will know their respective positions and it’s easy enough to overcome any movements that the enemy will launch. For example, like ganking, harass and others.


Chase-fate is Aldous’s ultimate skill. He is able to chase enemies even in the blind spot too. This skill has a global radius, so it is easy for him to attack the enemy because he knows his position. This ability is very good for opening the map area and providing the opportunity for the team to find out every point the location of the enemy.

Not only for yourself, this ability is also very useful for other teams, because every time Aldous activates his ultimate, all teams will know all enemies and even those who are hiding in ambush.


Johnson is a tank hero as well as a cyborg hero in Mobile Legends. This one hero has the ultimate skill that allows him to go around the map area easily. Yes, Johnson can turn into a car and get around on the land of dawn map. Of course, with this ability, Johnson is one of the Mobile legends heroes who can do the best open maps.

In addition, as a tank, this one hero has extraordinary armor resistance and can be used as a combo with any hero. But the best combo for Johnson is Odette, where when Jonson hits the opponent’s hero, Odette will give a very painful damage area.


Selena has the ability to install traps – abyssal traps, so it is often used to guard bushes and monitor enemy movements. That way this hero is able to predict enemy movements, making him able to master the map (map control). His ability can be used up to 3 times. However, because of the skill-abyssal arrow aka ‘catfish’ which makes enemies alert and can close movements quickly.

Abyssal trap and abyssal arrow are a deadly combination. From his ‘catfish’ stun he can last 3 seconds. This skill is often used to guard a hyper carry.


As one of the current meta fighter heroes, Hilda is a Mobile Legends hero who is very good at open maps in enemy territory, with her first skill ability that can increase movement speed making her very easy to rotate enemy territory.

Not only his first skill. The ability of her passive skill itself is very useful, where, Hilda is able to regen and also get a shield when entering ambush or grass, with this ability Hilda will be very difficult to beat even though ranked.


This hero can detect enemy movements through passive skill-Tiger pace. When the enemy’s four weak sides are attacked, it will make the enemy visible for 6 seconds even though they are in the blind spot. However, giving this sign is difficult to easy, because you have to attack a certain point. Until the sign above the enemy’s head appears, the new female can finish off the enemy with a brief meaning.

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Popol & Kupa

Popo has popol’s surprise skill that is able to even open a blind spot. By placing 3 traps. Although it is different from using cheat map hack, its ability is able to track enemy movements. This skill can only place 3 traps and make it a less than optimal trap in keeping the enemy’s movement so the enemy has other space.


Diggie is a very strong hero in opening maps. He has skills mine which is useful for checking the bush and anti-CC for escaping. When it is dead it is still useful for opening folders.


Khufra has good mobility skills to enter or escape. Not only that, he, who has a damage reduction, can last longer when the wrong map opens later. Strong enough for open maps.


Almost arguably the strongest hero at the moment for his tanky and open maps thanks to his high MVSPD and being able to throw enemy heroes. Thanks to his skillset, Jawhead was very strong relative to this task.


Grock is also terrible when it opens the map. Indeed, he does not have the skills or movement abilities that help open maps but the damage is too high even when the tank build is terrible.


Ling can also open the map efficiently even though it’s not for the team. Yes, he is more of an independent hero who can open folders very quickly. It is very helpful for split push.


Helcurt has MVSPD and very high mobility in ML. This can help him roaming and open maps efficiently. For solo players, Helcurt is very helpful when playing.


Roaming Franco is indeed a terrible hero. He can get lots of kills and assists easily with this. Open map is not a problem for him because Franco is relatively strong to open folders himself.

That is a hero who has the ability to open maps in the Mobile Legends game, I hope that the list of heroes above can be useful for those of you who want to learn more to play the Mobile Legends game.

You have to use the open map which is very important when playing Mobile Legends. With a good open map, you will get a lot of important information that you will need when playing.

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