2 Cute M249 Free Fire Skins, Which is the Most Popular in FF?

Free Fire, as the game with the most number of players, always provides the latest offers in this game. Weapon skin is one of the items that is always updated in Free Fire. The variety of weapon skins makes us find skins with unique looks. One of them that will be discussed here is a skin with a cute appearance for the M249 free fire weapon.

In a game with a war mode like Free Fire, of course, weapons are important and must be prepared. Weapons continue to be synonymous with sadistic gunfire and death. But in a game, of course, the image of the weapon is shown more relaxed because once again this is just a game, not a real war.

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M249 is a Light Machine Gun type weapon with a magazine number of 100 bullets. This weapon has high damage with a high rate of fire speed as well. As a weapon that can be used at a very long distance, it has an intermediate level of accuracy.

With such deadly performance, of course the M249 is a barbaric weapon with brutal attacks. But what if this weapon is displayed with a cute and funny skin? That is what is presented in Free Fire. Here are two cute skins for the brutal M249 weapon.

Gun Skin M249 Pink Paradise

The first cute skin for M249 is the Pink Paradise skin. This skin is available for four weapons, namely M4A1, MP5, M249, and VSS. As the name suggests, this skin has a pink base color with the addition of black to strengthen its appearance. What makes this skin look so cute is the doll image kawaii scattered all over the body of the weapon.

For the performance of this Gun Skin Box, it provides the same stat point increase for all four weapons. The first of these skins increases the rate of fire by two points. With this the M249 attack is going crazy, huh. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces the reloading speed of weapons.

Gun Skin M249 Captain Bubbles

The next skin is the Captain Bubbles skin, which was just released on Free Fire at the Beach Party FF event yesterday. For some reason, this skin chose two brutal weapons, namely the M60 and M249. This skin makes both weapons appear with a fish theme.

On the M60 it is still not bad because this skin makes the M60 appear with a shark image. The combination looks blue and gray in the style of a shark with a creepy shark tooth pattern on the body of the weapon.

But the M249 weapon actually has the appearance of a nemo fish. This clown fish is present on the M249 weapon with a combination of orange and white with black to strengthen this fish’s complexion.

For the performance of this skin, it provides a different stat point increase for these two weapons. For the M249, the improvements are rate of fire and reload speed. With this, the M249 attack will be faster and easier to attack again when the bullets run out. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces the range of weapons.

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Those are two cute and cute skins for the M249 weapon. Both have an interesting stat point increase. So which one do you better? Thank you and booyah!