2 Latest Advanced Control Modes in Mobile Legends, Hero More Stable!

In the Next project update released by Mobile Legends, they tried to present various updates to make their game even better. Various updates have been presented. Now for the latest update, Moonton presents the latest 2 Advanced Control Modes that you can use when playing in Mobile Legends.

Both modes are designed to help your gameplay in Mobile Legends make it even better. You can have an easier playing experience as well as make better initiations. The reason is, these two modes are used to make the Mobile Legends game even more fun to play.

2 Latest Advanced Modes of Mobile Legends

This time Moonton tries to present two of the Latest Advanced Modes in the Mobile Legends game. The purpose of these two modes, of course, is to help you when playing. Of course you will also get new gameplay that is simpler and easier to learn.

For those of you who are curious about what modes are present in the latest Mobile Legends Next Project. Let’s look at the advantages and how to use the two new modes in the following Mobile Legends game.

Advanced Control Mode Which Is A Smart Targeting Skill in Mobile Legends

First there is the Smart Targeting Skill Mode, we already know that this mode is focused on using skills in the Mobile Legends game. If previously you could only see one mode, namely Hero Lock in the Mobile Legends game,

In the latest update, there will be 3 options that you can activate. The Smart Targeting skill when activated will allow you to choose which hero you will attack with the skills you have.

For example, there are 3 heroes in front of you that you can attack, with smart skill targeting, there is a skill direction indicator on the hero you are aiming for, using smart skill targeting mode is even simpler and easier with Lock mode on Mobile Legends but with the use of more specific skills. again.

You can even attack core heroes who are within the reach of enemy tank heroes. When using the smart targeting skill, you can attack the hero core without having to attack the hero tank first. Very useful, right?


Basic Attack Smart Targeting Mode

Next is Basic Attack Smart Targeting mode. In our opinion, the use of this one mode is also quite the same, but it is more of a basic attack. Its use itself lies in the Bassic Attack used on the hero you are using.

But unfortunately, we haven’t got more information about this new mode on this one. However, it is very likely that the use of this new mode is almost the same as the Smart Targeting Skill, which is the difference, namely its use only on basic attacks.

So that’s all the leaks of the advanced control mode for mobile legends. This mode is from the continuation of the Next Mobile Legends project which presents various revamp heroes to the addition of a new Advanced Control mode in the Mobile Legends game.

Copying Wild Rift’s mechanism, maybe you can use it if you need to learn later. With more accurate controls, you will benefit if you can master this one control.

With the two modes above, of course, it will help your gameplay in playing Mobile Legends. Hopefully, the two modes above will help you, especially newbie players who can use both modes to help playing Mobile Legends skills. So what do you think? Can the two modes above help you when playing Mobile Legends?