2 Skins Scattered M1014 Free Fire (FF), Make Your Enemies Become Bones!

Weapons are an important item in battle royale games like Free Fire. A good weapon will make your game great. Each role has a special weapon. Likewise about weapons that will be discussed now, namely 2 bone skins from the M1014 free fire weapon.

Each weapon has its own classification. For melee weapons, of course the shotgun is an option. Because the shotgun is known as a weapon that has deadly damage. The first shot can get a kill.

One of the popular shotguns on Free Fire is the M1014. This shotgun also has many weapon skins. As a brutal weapon that destroys enemy defenses, the frightening M1014 skin will make the brutality of this weapon even stronger. So, did you know there are two skins M1014 with the theme of animal bones? Follow the following article.

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  • DAMAGE 94
  • RANGE 10

The M1014 is a Shotgun type weapon that has a high level of accuracy for melee weapons. The drawback of this shotgun is that it has a very slow rate of fire. With damage of 94 M1014, you can get a kill with just one shot. Therefore, a fierce skin is very suitable for this weapon.

Gun Skin M1014 Destruction

This skin is a popular skin for M1014. Indeed, this skin can strengthen the appearance and performance of the M1014 to be very sadistic. This skin increases the weapon magazine by two points. Plus the weapon damage also increased. This can make the M1014 fire more numerous and very deadly.

However, the drawback of this skin is that it reduces the reload speed. This is indeed a drawback for melee weapons. The reason is when the bullets run out and it takes a long time to reload, it will be an opportunity for the enemy to finish us off. However, because this Destruction skin raises the magazine, the bullets will not run out quickly.

As I want to say through this article, this skin features the M1014 which is full of bones. It appears on the body of the weapon there is a picture of the skull of a wild animal such as a dinosaur.

The entire length of the weapon’s body was filled with skeletal patterns of the beast’s skeleton. The combination of red also makes this skin grim. It is perfect for increasing the ruthlessness of the M1014.

Gun Skin M1014 Wasteland

The order of the best deadly FF Shotgun Weapons Free Fire

Gun Skin Box Wasteland is available for two shitgun weapons at once, namely M1014 and SPAS12. This skin manages to make the two deadly shotguns of Free Fire very creepy.

As the name suggests, this skin wants to show the arid land that was formerly of war and abandoned because of the high hot weather. The appearance of animal skulls wants to convey that in the arid land it is so hot that the animals there are just bones dead. Horrible.

For its performance, this skin increases the range of the M1014’s weapon by two points. In addition, the damage was increased. With the addition of the M1014’s performance, it can carry out attacks at a longer distance and become very deadly. But the drawback of this skin is that it reduces the rate of fire. With this, the M1014, which originally had a slow rate of fire, will be even slower. Of course this is a weakness.

Returning to the appearance of this skin, it offers a skull head on the M1014 weapon body. What is interesting is that there is a rare bone pattern that adorns the body of the weapon. You could say this one is simpler than the M1014 Destriction display.

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Those are the 2 bone skins for the M1014. This brutal weapon is indeed suitable for use with creepy skins like these two bone skins. Thank you and booyah!