3 Best ML Alucard Emblems in Mobile Legends, Auto Savage!

Alucard is one of the best Fighter Assassin heroes that you can use. Especially on the latest Mobile Legends patch update. Alucard gets Buff by Moonton. This time we will discuss the Best ML Alucard Emblem in Mobile Legends that can make you auto savage in Mobile Legends

You can use Alucard as a fighter with high sustain to the maximum. This one hero is indeed very strong considering Alucard is a hero who has high damage too.

Now for those of you who want to play this one hero, here is Alucard’s strongest emblem, the sickest and most powerful in Mobile Legends, let’s see the build!

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The Best Alucard ML Emblem in Mobile Legends

This time the strongest ML Alucard hero emblem that you can play. Complete with a discussion of gameplay and an explanation.

Custom Assassin Emblem Alucard Mobile Legends

The first emblem you can use is the Custom Assassin Emblem. Yep Alucard is indeed a fighter hero as well as an Assassin. In Season 16 at this time, Alucard is quite often used as an enemy execution hero. It has painful damage thanks to Alucard’s best build.

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Configuring the Emblem itself, you can use 3x Bravery to increase Physical Attack by +12. Next, please fill in 3x Fatal to add 3.6% Critical Chance.

As for talent, you can use Bounty Hunter which has an extra gold effect of 40% up to 15 times. This talent is mandatory for Assassin users.

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Custom Fighter Emblem

The second option, you can use the Custom FIghter Emblem. This one emblem is quite tough with HP and Magical Defense abilities that are greater. By using it, you can maximize both in defense and attack.

Configuring the emblem itself, you can give 3x points to Bravery and increase Physical ATK +12. The second point uses 3x Invasion to get the Physical PEN + 6% effect. This attack is perfect for attacking a Tank hero.

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Now the most interesting thing is the talent, by using the Fighter Emblem you can use the Festival of Blood Talent which is very suitable for Alucard, where this talent can make you Aluacard have an additional 8% spell vamp so that it adds to the lifesteal effect for this one hero.

Gameplay with the Alucard Mobile Legends emblem

Alucard is very tough in overcoming many heros at once, in the early game, you can play it safe by doing clear waves regularly and farming. Don’t be in a rush to play barbarian. Make sure you have a lifesteal item before attacking enemy heroes.

Roaming to the mid lane to clean the minions when the midlaner is ganking and so on. Until your level is superior, that’s when Alucard comes into action.

In mid game, usually Alucard has gotten 1 or two builds, make sure the item has a lifesteal effect so that Alucard can fight longer without recalling.

When teamfight, attack the enemy core hero first by directing skill 1 at the hero. Alucard role mobile legends fighter can follow and attack the hero quickly. By using the Combo, any hero will be very weak in front of Alucard, except for heroes with high CC.

So that’s the latest Mobile Legends Alucard Emblem and the Alucard hero gameplay improvement in the Mobile Legends game. By using the best emblem and build for the Aliucard hero, of course, it will make you even better at playing in Mobile Legends.

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