3 Diggie Hero Combos in Mobile Legends, Don’t Be Afraid of CC ML

Diggie is a mobile legends support hero who has Trap and Anti CC skills. This hero can also pull the enemy back to where he was standing before. This hero can also do Zoning well and trap him as Bush Checking. Diggie can take off all CC and CC Immunity for a while thanks to its Ultimate. So if you find an enemy with a lot of CC. This time we will discuss the Diggie Mobile Legends Hero Combo that you can use with several heroes to support CC ML.

This hero can eliminate all of them in Team Fight if you use Ultimate at the right time. Diggie mobile legends can do combos with many heroes. It can get rid of CC, be good zoning mobile legends, Bush checking and to bind single targets. This makes it a support with a fairly complete skill kit.

In fact, when he dies, he can use his respawn time to open the map. This time we will discuss hero combos that can work with Diggie.

Diggie can help other heroes to defend them from enemy CC. In fact, this Hero can also guard the team from Gank with his Trap Bomb skill. If an enemy wants to run, you can tie him up to pull them back. Therefore, Diggie is a support hero with reliable skill kits. The following are heroes who can do combos with Diggie.


Claude is a Marksman who can put monkeys that shoot targets around him with less damage than Claude himself. You can Zoning by placing it in front of the enemy so they won’t get close. With Diggie around, the enemy will have a hard time serving them both. With Diggie’s bomb and Monkey Claude. Their Zoning Skill was very strong.

Plus, when Claude uses Ultimate, Diggie can use his Ultimate to remove all CC on Claude. So Claude will not be bothered when dealing damage from Ultimate.


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Nana is a mage with boomerang and Morph skills. This hero can set traps where, if the enemy is hit, they will be chased and if they are caught, they will be hit by a morph effect which changes their form and cannot use the skill for a while. This skill can be a good zoning and bush checking tool. You can combine Nana’s skills with Diggie skills.

The Diggie skill that you can use is the Trap Bomb skill. With this skill, Diggie can trap the enemy by binding the enemy and making him return to the starting position before the enemy runs. Of course this is very deadly when combined with Nana’s hero.

So you can put Morph Nana and Bomb Diggie. So when the enemy passes, they will be chased by Bomb and Morph. They will change shape and take damage from the Bomb.


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Vale is a mage hero with various skills that can make Burst damage or skills with CC effects. You can use Vale skills depending on your situation, if you want damage, you can do damage, if you want CC as semi support. You can combine Vale and Diggie skills. You can start by giving Vale stun skills.

After that, you use the Ultimate Vale skill to inflict damage. Then, Diggie can use skill 2 to pull back the enemy in the middle of the wind. That way when the wind explodes, the wind will do great damage.

It’s a hero combo that you can use when playing as or with Diggie. Diggie is a hero who can do zoning well, and has a hard anti-CC. That way when Team Fight, you don’t need to be afraid of being hit by CC anymore, because Diggie has an Anti CC effect.