3 Frontline Tanker Items in Mobile Legends and Suitable Heroes!

Frontline tanker heroes in ML now don’t just play mobile legends support. In fact, some tanks are now better off playing in sidelane, especially the offlane. The reason is because the current meta which is more inclined towards aggressive play must force the offlanes not to lose.

These three items will be needed by tankers to be stronger in the game. They are required to play mobile legends very independently and are useful as a protector for the team. These heroes will be an important role for your team.

Here we will provide the three best items for frontline tankers who must be in their item slot.

Best item of Frontline ML Tanker


Antique is the best defensive item right now because it offers the strongest defensive stat and excellent effects. Using this item will offer the best resistance for tankers, especially those who often absorb damage on the front lines for their team.


Athena offers the user high def magic, effective against mages. In addition, Athena also has a strong passive effect, which is to provide shields. This shield is very strong because of scaling in the late game where you will be very difficult to kill by your opponent.


Immortality will provide a very high armor stat, but you buy this item for passivity. With a strong passive for reviving, tanks can play again and become the main threat because they will live with very high HP.

Here are the best heroes who are suitable for using these three items.

Suitable heroes use these items


Grock is the best tanker today for a reason. He is very thick, there are anti cc skills, high bursts, and also cc in teamfight. Defensive items will be Grock’s main key in playing in Mobile Legends.


As a strong initiator, Khufra is a very dangerous hero for his opposing team. Khufra will be very difficult to kill because he has a strong damage reduction skill. Besides being difficult to kill, he is a threat in teamfight.


As a hero who has the strongest and most consistent CC, Atlas also has CC in all of his skills. Besides that, as a tanker he cannot be underestimated because it will be very difficult to kill by opponents with the following items.


Best Lolita ML Item Build in Mobile Legends 2020

Lolita is a very strong front-line tanker hero thanks to her shield. In Mobile Legends, Lolita is the counter for range heroes and mages because she can protect the back line with her shield effectively.

Those are the three best items for frontline tanks and their best heroes. Must be purchased and available, these items will be your savior in Mobile Legends.