3 ML Heroes for the Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends Attack Speed ​​Item

There are many items that you can use in Mobile Legends. Each item has different stat boosts and passive skills that can help strengthen the heroes you use. You have to use the right items so you can make your Hero stronger. Here we will discuss the items in Mobile Legends, attack speed scarlet phantom and the ML heroes who will use them.

Each item has a different boost stat. There are those that can increase Damage, Deffense, and even magical damage from the heroes used. Not only stat boosters, there are also some items that have passive skills and active skills for the heroes you use. With this skill, you can make the hero you use stronger. therefore, you must collect Gold to buy items.

Marksman, who is usually an ADC, really needs Exp and Gold. These two things are important to make the Hero you use stronger. One of the items used by the ADC, which usually uses Atk Speed, is the Scarlet Phantom item. This item can make the characters you use become stronger, and provide skills that are useful for Hero ADCs.

Here we will provide tips regarding the Scarlet Phantom Attack Speed ​​Item and Hero who can use this item. Usually heroes who rely on Atk Speed ​​and critical, will buy this item. Because, the stats that are given are very high, and help the heroes you use too.

Scarlet Phantom’s Attack Speed ​​item

+30 Physical ATK
+ 20% Attack Speed
+ 25% Crit Chance
Passive Ability – Frenzy
Critical Strike will add the hero’s Attack Speed ​​by 30%, and Critical Chance by 5%, for 2 seconds.

This item will give you a high stat attack speed and Crit Chance. This item is perfect for increasing your Attack Speed, and Crit Chance on the Hero you are using. In addition, this item will also provide Passive, which will add Attack Speed ​​if you launch a mobile legends Critical Attack.

The following are ML heroes that are suitable when using the Scarlet Phantom Attack Speed ​​Item mobile legends


Miya is very suitable to use one of these critical mobile legends items, because she has a passive which will increase her Attack Speed. When combined with this weapon, miya can provide large and fast Critical damage to many enemies at once with skill 1.


If you play Critical build items to Karrie, this item is very mandatory for him. This item will really help Karrie in turning on her Passive and giving Stack to the enemy. That way, pure damage will continue to be given with the Attack Speed ​​it has. You will be stronger when you use Ultimate when attacking enemies, and shoot very fast.


Claude can shoot 2 times, in one shot. this makes it able to cast Critical easily, and increase Attack speed easily. The Critical Chance of this item is also quite high, so that it can inflict very high damage on the enemy.

Those are the tips about the item attack speed Scarlet Phantom in Mobile Legends and the heroes who use it. This item is indeed very strong for ADCs or heroes who rely on Attack Speed. Not only Attack Speed, this item also provides Crit Chance. So, your attacks will attack more Critical and give enormous damage to the enemy as well. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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