3 New Stats of Old Free Fire Weapons, Even More Deadly in FF!

Games are indeed one of the things that are fun enough for everyone to play, because playing games will definitely get you new challenges. Where from in the game, there must be quite good missions and events. The current type of battle royale game like Free Fire is one of the best. This time we will discuss about the New Stat of the Old Free Fire Weapons that you should know after yesterday’s free fire update.

Because Free Fire is sure to be a good game and suitable for filling spare time and showing your skills. This is because yesterday there were lots of the latest June 2020 updates which were pretty cool to try.

Apart from presenting cool updates for features or displays in the Free Fire game, it turns out that Garena also provides other surprises for all of us. There are Several Weapons to Get the Latest Buff, so that makes this weapon a Meta.

Now for this opportunity, we will provide information, about the stat changes experienced by weapons affected by the buff in this Free Fire game. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Changes in the Stat of the Free Fire Weapons Yesterday Exposed to the Latest Buff

  1. M14

The first weapon and the most visible change is the M14, the ability of this weapon finally becomes very deadly. So of course all of you can definitely see the latest changes, from the M14 weapon that is currently present in the Free Fire game.

This change, of course, will have a huge impact on the flow of the game in the future. So that all of you who are users of this weapon, will definitely feel even more satisfied later.


  • Damage: From 71 to 76 points
  • Range: From 76 To 79 Points
  • Rate Of Fire: From 71 To 73 Points
  • Accuracy: From 77 To 57 (Nerf)
  1. SVD

Next is the SVD Weapon currently in Free Fire which is a half-sniper weapon or an assault free fire. Indeed, initially this weapon was rarely used by many free fire players. However, because you have received a Buff, finally SVD is one of the weapons that is quite meta in June 2020.

There is no change in this stat, but the damage received by the enemy when hit has increased by 50%. This weapon becomes very deadly if used in the right hand.


  • Armor Penetration: From 57 To 67
  1. SKS

Lastly is SKS, this weapon is still a mainstay of many players and in the end it gets the latest Buff too. But for this time, the changes are not very clear when you look at the stats.

This weapon stat change is pretty good, but here are some additional stats that look like. Oh yes, the damage to the body has increased, it has become bigger, which has increased to 40%


  • Rate Of Fire: From 33 To 35 Points
  • Accuracy: From 68 To 51 (Nerf)
  • Armor Penetration: From 36 To 46 Points

By presenting the latest Buff weapon in this Free Fire game, of course you who are users of these weapons will definitely become more satisfied. In the future, Garena has also prepared many new updates and of course this is for the Weapon Update as well.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.