3 New Things for Free Fire After Maintenance FF July 2020!

Right now, there is something new in Free Fire after the maintenance of FF July 2020 that you should know. The update that is presented in the Free Fire game is indeed quite good and certainly very interesting for us to try. Where on all the latest updates that are present this time, it is quite good and of course the contents of all the updates that are presented will be very cool later.

In the future, the current Free Fire game will definitely be better than before. Because of this we can also see from all the new things, where this is already planned for release at this very moment. The maintenance carried out by Garena is all pretty good and of course this update won’t disappoint you later.

New Things for Free Fire After Maintenance FF July 2020

On this occasion too, we will provide some new things on Free Fire after Maintenance FF July 2020 which is quite cool, of course. Where in the event update that is present right now, surely everything will make us not get bored while playing the Free Fire game. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation, in the article below.

  1. Newest Lobby With The Title The Runway

The lobby before the match will indeed make us players who will compete, gather together at the same place. Of course we will also be able to see other players, where they will be opponents when competing. This lobby is indeed quite large, so that we can more freely go around also in this existing Lobby.

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But it turns out that in the latest update that will be present after maintenance, we all have a new look at the Lobby in the Free Fire game. So of course we can feel the flow of the match later with a different air. Even from the Lobby that is presented, it is quite good and certainly will not make us feel frustrated.

  1. All Weapons Are Present In Team Deathmatch Mode

Team Deathmatch mode is one of the best modes, where it can make us refresh after competing. Of course, don’t forget all of you, to feel a lot of cool and much more exciting things when playing in this mode. Because in this Team Deathmatch mode, we can win later by collecting scores.

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Now the weapons that are presented in this mode too, there are indeed many and will definitely help all of you. But for now those of you who want to be free to choose weapons, you can do that too. Of course this can later make us more exciting and surely we can try other weapons which are also very deadly.

  1. Latest Special Event for Free Fire 3rd Anniversary

Finally, after maintenance, we will all attend the latest event, where this new event is indeed quite good and it is said that we can get free characters too. Of course, for the initial characters until Wolfrahh, we can definitely get it in this event. Especially for those of you who really want to have DJ Alok.

Reportedly in the event presented this time, Free Fire characters can be Free if you finish them correctly. So for that you shouldn’t miss it, because the event that was present was quite special. The period of a cool event like this and give free characters, just want to leave it.

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All the new things that will be present in this Free Fire game, are indeed quite good and very cool. Of course it’s really good and cool, so don’t forget to keep up with all the developments in this game. That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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