3 of the most squishy assassins ML heroes in Mobile Legends 2020

Many Mobile Legends heroes with the best of their respective abilities. There are those who are good at defense, some are sluggish and cannot defend themselves. So this time we will discuss hero assassins. There are 3 Most Squishy Assassins ML Heroes in Mobile Legends 2020 that you should know.

Defense or defense is actually the task of a tanker, but there are also hero role mobile legends assassins who are good at this. For example, like Hanzo, Alucard, or Ling, they are quite reliable in defending.

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The ML Assassin Hero is the Worst in Defense

But what about other heroes? So, here are some assassin heroes who are very bad at defending in Mobile Legends. Anyone?


Gusion does have a very good ability to attack. But he was very bad at defending.

When defending, this one hero must rely on his teammates. Very different from Lancelot who is quite reliable in this regard.

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Apart from Gusion, Karina is even worse, even though she has immunity to her skills, it is useless when she does defense.

Karina only has good execution attacks on enemies. But didn’t have the skills to survive. This one hero is also quite long in making creeping. Don’t fight the enemy, just to survive the onslaught of minions is already overwhelmed.

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Fanny is really cool to do various dives in carrying out attacks. But this applies to pro players.

Fanny is very active for initiation but is quite weak in defense. This is due to the lack of steel cable footing in the base area. It is not possible, especially when the late game and lane have been dominated by enemies, fans usually don’t get buffs so their energy is very wasteful for diving.

Without buffs and without a cooking area to run the steel cable, Fanny will have a hard time doing defense.

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Selena is an Assassin Mage hero in Mobile Legends, actually a Hybrid hero like this is not equipped with good defensive skills. This one hero only has special skills to attack without being equipped with martahan skills.

As a result Selena is quite difficult to defend on her own. Especially to clean the minion, he was quite troubled. Using the best emblems will probably help.


Now the last hero is Saber, just like any other hero. Saber only has a single attack and can only attack one hero. Not the same as Alucard or Lancelot. He is quite difficult in defense.

Don’t be able to clean the minion, but he can’t fight many enemies alone, especially when he targets one enemy he will find it difficult to escape from enemy attacks.

So, those are some Assassin heroes who are very bad at doing defense. Semoag is useful.