3 Tips for the Best Free Fire HUD Settings, New Custom FF!

This time we will discuss tips on setting the best free fire HUD with good custom when playing FF. As we know, Free Fire is a battle royale game that is quite famous until now, this is because the development is still very good.

In the future too, Free Fire will present many new and interesting updates. So that all of you, you won’t feel bad playing this game. Even Garena, has presented the Free Fire Character Feature.

So that later you can try these characters to win the match. There are even some things such as the Best Assault Rifle, with considerable damage. In this way, you will be able to finish off the enemy easily.

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At the current Booyah Ramadhan Event, there are lots of missions that are easy to complete. So that later you will not be burdened at all with this mission. In this way too, you can get lots of prizes at the event. you also need the right settings

When you want to play this game, of course you have to have the right settings. Where you also have to be able to adjust, settings or HUD so that playing later you can easily control the aim when shooting.

Right now, to be able to win easily in the match. Of course you have to manage the HUD properly and correctly, so that later you won’t lose easily.

Best Free Fire Custom HUD Tips, Cool FF Settings!

So in the following, we will provide some of the best custom hud free fire with settings that will make FF players comfortable playing. That way, you will continue to waver

Set the Button Layout according to your wishes

The first thing is very important, so that later you can play comfortably, of course. If you are setting this layout, there will be a red Line. Where is the function of this, to make it easier for you to set the HUD.

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Even this Custom HUD FF line, you will know the position of the finger needed when playing later. You will also later, be able to see the range of the finger to reach the button. Adjust the buttons, if you feel right, we will continue to the next section.

Adjusting the Transparency of the Key

These are tips for adjusting the thickness of the buttons on the best free fire HUD, of course if it gets bigger it gets thicker and if it disappears a little or is thinner. Even if you manage things like this, later on you will be able to see the view more freely.

We recommend setting the Transparency at 25% to 50%, which is quite balanced. Because you can still see the button, and you can also freely watch the bigger view.

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If the Transparency reaches 100%, the button will automatically block your view of playing.

You also have to be careful with your screen, meaning that transparency must also be adjusted according to the type of screen on your cellphone. Like amoled, ips or ordinary panels. This affects your views too.

Adjusting the Size of the Buttons

Custom HUD FF on this Button Size too, will affect your game later. There are some players who like Normal, Medium or Large size buttons. Of course, the bigger the button, the more annoying you will be.

Because where is the Custom HUD Free fire Settings button, later it will be even more triggered because of its large size. But if it’s too small it can also be a problem, where later you will miss more often when using the button.

We recommend setting the Custom HUD FF, the size is between 35 and 50 only. That way, the button size of the HUD will be balanced.

New HUD FF Features December 2020

Until now, there are still a lot of new things that we can try to feel, from the updates that are also present in the Free Fire game. So of course you guys will definitely feel better, if you try and get these best things later. Because what we also know, if the HUD feature does provide big profits later.

This feature will arguably help you make it even easier, to adjust and set the buttons used when competing later. Because what we know at that time, there is a new Free Fire HUD feature that was discussed as well. Of course, Garena releases things like this so that players don’t experience difficulties when they want to have their own HUD settings.

That way, you have to try this feature right now, just check the Settings and HUD, it will immediately be shown as shown. First, set the HUD that you like or are comfortable with, then after that you can use the utility. If you use this method, then the benefits will be well earned.

This feature was only present in the big update yesterday, because this is one of the old plans that finally appeared. With the presence of new features in this FF HUD Settings.

So don’t let you ignore it. Because for your part in managing the HUD like this, surely in the future it will be a very influential thing to be able to help you play.

With all this new information, don’t miss all of this information. Moreover, what we know is that from this latest leak, there is still a lot of cool information for you to try later. Moreover, the new features that have not been tried, so now is the right time to experience all of those things.

Especially in the future, there must be a lot of big profits if you also follow and feel the excitement in this latest feature in the future.

By doing the Custom HUD when the player is free fire. FF players can get a good FF HUD setting and can win your match

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So that’s some information that we can convey, there is even some information about a Powerful Counter Gloo Wall. So that later you can overcome this. There are even some counters that turn off DJ Alok nowadays.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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