3 Twin Pairs at Bigetron Esports!

Bigetron Esports is one of the Indonesian esports organizations that accommodates various esports game divisions. This time we will provide information about 3 twin pairs at Bigetron Esports who have their own strengths.

Indonesia is one of the countries that has the largest gamers community in the world. We can see in everyday life that many people play games from various backgrounds. From children to the elderly, across genders.

The size of the player community is also accommodated by the presence of esports organizations in this country, both originating from Indonesia and branches from abroad. One of the biggest and most famous is Bigetron Esports.

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3 Twin Pairs at Bigetron Esports!

3 pairs of twins at Bigetron Esports

Who doesn’t know Bigetron Esports? The team, which is synonymous with red, has succeeded in becoming one of the big teams in Indonesia.

The Bigetron Esports game, which is present through its various game divisions, has managed to become the center of attention among fellow pro players or esports fans anywhere.

One of them is Bigetron Red Aliens as the PUBG Mobile division of Bigetron Esports. The team nicknamed the red alien team managed to win various world-class turanmen and participated in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) Season Zero 2020.

The esports organization Bigetron Esports recruits many pro players as roster for each division. So, do you know that there are 3 twins on the Bigetron Esports team?

Here are 3 twin pairs at Bigetron Esports who have greatness in their respective divisions.

1. Zuxxy Luxxy – PUBG Mobile

The first pair of twins in Bigetron Esports is Zuxxy Luxxy. These two players are the roster of the PUBG Mobile division, namely Bigetron Red Aliens.

BTR Zuxxy and BTR Luxxy have accompanied Bigetron RA to the international PUBG Mobile tournament. In fact, these two PUBG Mobile rosters are the two best PUBG Mobile players in the world.

2. Matt Maxx – Mobile Legends

The second pair of twins at Bigetron Esports is Matt Maxx. The two players are roster from the Mobile Legends division, namely Bigetron Alpha.

3. Henry Harry – League of


The third pair of twins at Bigetron Esports is Henry Harry. These two players are roster from the League of Legends division, namely Bigetron E-Sports.

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That is information about the 3 twin pairs at Bigetron Esports. This information is a unique fact from Bigetron Esports which managed to get twins up to 3 pairs.

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