4 Best Free Fire (FF) Characters Using the SPAS

SPAS is a weapon that has a high damage with a low rate of fire in Free Fire. Every shot of this weapon can give a really huge damage to the target. Which makes this weapon becoming one of the best close range weapon. This weapon is a close range weapon, because the damage is a spread damage, making it difficult to use for mid and practically impossible to use for long range battle. Here we have the best Free Fire characters using the SPAS that you need to know.

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4 Best Free Fire (FF) Characters Using the SPAS

















SPAS is a shotgun with a high rate of damage in close range. This weapon is suitable for close range battle if you’re looking for a high damage for your enemy. However, the rate of fire of this weapon is way lower so it will be more difficult to shoot an enemy accurately.


Kelly is a character in Free Fire that can increase her running speed. With her skill, you can approach an enemy quickly and kill them easily. You can also flank with this character. So the SPAS is suitable for her.


Unlike Kelly that has the fastest running speed. Jota also has a skill that can help players to rush an enemy. Jota has a skill where he can heal himself after he kills an enemy with either a shotgun or an SMG. So he can heal himself as he rush an enemy, and kill one. Make sure that you get the kill so he can heal himself to better your defense.

Carolinecaroline free fire

Caroline is a flanker and rusher which is really good at using the shotgun. When Caroline is wielding a shotgun, she can increase her movement speed. With that skill, you can easily flank an enemy and kill them from their blind spot.


Joseph is a character in Free Fire that can attack an enemy quickly. Joseph’s skill enables him to increase his movement speed when he got hit from the enemy. When you rush an enemy, you must have got some damage from the enemy. And that’s the exact moment when his movement speed skill is activated. With that, you can maximize his skill to launch an attack and kill the enemy fast. Make sure you don’t miss a shot so you make every bullet count as you rush an enemy.

And that’s the best character for you if you want to use the shotgun in the game. The characters that is suitable to use a shotgun is usually a rusher character. With a skill that can help a rusher kills an enemy effectively, these characters is surely suitable for you to use. Good luck and don’t forget to follow my esports!