4 Combo Hero ML Assassin x Tank Mobile Legends Hurt

After previously discussing Marksman x Tank, now we will continue the discussion of the strong and sick Combo hero ML Assassin x Tank in Mobile Legends.

Tank is a role that can withstand many attacks from enemies. This hero must be used when fighting in the Mobile Legends Game because it will add even more potential to win when playing.

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Combo Hero ML Assassin x Tank Mobile Legends Hurt

Well, not only Marksman or Mage, Hero assassin is also very suitable to be paired with Tank heroes. The following combo is guaranteed to make your enemy die instantly.

Johnson x Saber

Saber and Johnson are a deadly duet of two terrifying Mobile Legends heroes. Sure enough, when Johnson managed to hit the enemy and then was struck by the attack of Saber’s best assassin executor, of course the enemy would die instantly.

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As a saber user, you must know very well the pain of saber attacks even without a combination. In the Late Game, even Saber can kill and lock the enemy’s core hero in one attack.

Gusion x Tigreal

Tigreal and Gusion is a perfect combination. These two heroes are very helpful to each other during team fights or Ganking the enemy.

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When starting the Tigreal attack, it will collect all the heroes in its area and provide a very strong Crowd Control effect. Gusion can by mendai one enemy and spread all the existing knives. Attack the enemy with the Gusion combo (10 blades) and aim all the knives right in the middle of the enemy’s crowd.

Khufra x Fanny

If you play barbaric hobbies, then Fanny and Khufra are invincible. Khufra can interfere with enemy attacks and Fanny can attack freely.

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With the Khufra user Fanny, of course, you don’t have to worry about disable, stuner, and other attacks. Because all these effects will be stopped by Khufra.

Fanny’s job is just to follow Khufra wherever he goes and just do his job to kill the enemy quickly.

Franco x Karina

Franco attracts the enemy and Karina executes the enemy. For those of you who like to play it safe, usually use Franco as his favorite tank hero.

This hero has a very annoying hook advantage. Franco can attract the enemy he lures and deals damage and stun attacks for a few seconds.

Karina can inflict great damage at once, this one hero is the real assassin who has active skills without cooldown when he kills the enemy.

With Franco’s capture of the enemy, of course Karina has the opportunity to kill every enemy that Franco draws.

So, those are some of the most painful Assassin x Tank combo heroes in Mobile Legends. There are still many other combos that we will discuss, See ya!