4 Free Fire Formations Make FF Booyahs Continue!

When playing Free Fire, you can use various Free Fire Formation Strategies to Make the existing FF Booyah. With the skills your character has, you can make strategies to attack your enemies while playing. A good strategy can help you drop the squad easily. Therefore, you must be able to think of ways to attack your enemy well. Here we will discuss about Free Fire and its strategy.

Free Fire has many characters who have different skills. There are those who can become Support with various skills that help the team or themselves. Then, there are also characters who have offensive skills that can help themselves attack enemies. With the skills they have, you can make your strategy easier.

You can determine your Role through the Character skills you use and the weapons you will use. By using these benchmarks, you can create a fairly strong Free Fire team. Of course you have to play well and follow the plan well too, so it’s not arbitrary. That way you can play even better.

Here we will describe tips about 4 Very Important Free Fire Formations. With this formation, maybe you can attack the enemy more easily. Discuss with your team, to choose roles and carry out their respective duties in the team.

The following are formations that you can use when playing Free Fire. Pay attention to the formation and roles in each formation, in order to be able to execute the Strategy properly:


This one formation relies on the Flanker in the team to lift the team. So you need 3 Role Support or Rusher who will push the enemy, while Flanker will find a detour to corner the enemy. That way, you can surround the enemy and attack from all directions.

You have the advantage of locking up your enemies and making them panic. If you are lucky, your Flanker might be able to kidnap some confused enemies and lower their morals. However, this is quite risky but very effective for surrounding enemies or squads.


This formation can help you more, if you can defend it well. You can rely on 2 Supports to become the enemy’s temple while your Flanker advances to finish off the enemy. This formation is fairly safe for Support, but flankers must do a good job of finishing off the enemy.

The advantage of this Formation is that you can kill enemies faster with the Additional Flankers. However, you might have to be able to keep the defense better, because there are only 2 people who become Bait for the advancing Flankers.


The following are more strategic and more effective in attacking the enemy. You may need 2 supports, 1 Rusher and 1 Flanker. You can attack enemies from all directions. Leave the back to support and snipers, Rusher who will advance to the front lines, and flankers who attack from behind. This formation is one of the most stable and easy formations to do, because there are many roles that can help each other.

The advantage of this Formation is, it is more stable. You have strong defense and offense which makes it effective in many conditions. However, if one of them fails, you might be in trouble, so be careful and don’t panic.


This one probably has a very strong offense. By relying on 1 support / Sniper, 2 Rusher and 1 Flanker. You attack enemies from various directions and Snipers are ready to attack anyone who runs away. This formation can take down enemies quickly without remaining.

The advantage of this one formation is, Offense which is very strong and can attack enemies easily. However, By instead a very loose defense. You have a pretty soft defense and make you a Glass Canon.

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Those are some tips about 4 Very Important Free Fire Formations that you can try. You can try this formation with your friends while playing Free Fire. With an organized strategy, you can win matches easily. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!