4 Hero Mage Hybrid ML Eliminated, Mobile Legends Brings Magic Damage

The Next Project, which is currently underway in the Mobile Legends game, has presented a variety of the latest features so that many heroes get Revamp which makes this game made by Moonton even more interesting. In addition, they also turned out to change the 4 hybrid heroes who are now eliminated with Mobile Legends to bring Magic Damage

In the latest update in the future, Moonton seems to be trying to get rid of the hybrid role of the four heroes, such as Guison, Silvanna, Karina and Guinevere.

The four heroes now only have one role. Namely Gusion as an Assassin, Silvanna as a Fighter, Karinan as an Assassin and Guinevere as a Fighter.

New Specialty: Magic Damage

Moonton tried to present something new by removing the roles of several hybrid ML heroes that had been present before, then presenting a new specialty called Magic Damage which allowed the hero with that particularist to be able to use magic emblems, to magic items perfectly.

The following is a list of Mobile Legends heroes and new roles that will be present in the latest Mobile legends update.

  • Gusion -Assassin
  • Silvanna – Fighter
  • Guinevere – Fighter
  • Karina – Assassin

These changes only apply to hero roles, for skill problems so that the ability for items remains the same, it’s just that, in the future, hybrid roles will turn into a new hero specialist named “Magic Damage”

Which means, a hero with Magic Damage ability allows the hero to use Magic items to fight. The effect itself is not much different from the hybrid hero that you are currently using. It’s just that the roles of the four heroes above are not included in the hybrid hero anymore.


How are the news for other Hero Hybrids?

For now, we only get information for the four heroes above. For other Hybrid heroes, so far, there is no further information.

However, our estimation, for other Hybrid heroes is still as usual, the above update only applies to the 4 heroes mentioned above, namely, Gusion, Guinevere, Silvanna, and Karina.

Then, for the date of the issue, it is still uncertain when it will be released to the original server. So just wait, most likely, this update will still be coming, and for now it is only present on the Adavanced Server.

With the update above, what we are afraid of is the different gameplay that will make Mobile Legends players adapt again, so it will take time for the four heroes above to be tamed.

So that’s the latest update for several hybrid heroes that will be eliminated in the Mobile Legends game as well as the arrival of a new specialty called Magic Damage.

The ability of this specialty allows the hero who has it to be able to use various magic items perfectly even though their roles are different. That is the information we can tie, so what do you think about the latest update above? Don’t forget to give your opinion in the comments column!