4 Most Trusted Online Stock Applications in 2020

Stock trading is a form of investment that can provide greater returns than other investments. But the level of risk that you have to bear is greater. Current technological developments make it easier for investors to conduct stock transactions in the capital market. Investors can also take advantage of various existing stock applications.

Beginner investors who have just entered the Indonesian stock market need to understand the risks and choose a trusted investment place. There are several applications that are essential for these beginners to have on smartphone because of the various benefits it has. Anyone can now understand the ins and outs of the stock market through a stock trading application that can be used on your Android. Let’s take a look at the following 4 applications to buy the best stocks!

Stockbit is an online stock application under the auspices of PT. Sinarmas Sekuritas. This application is now a startup in the stock sector. Stockbit belongs to the online community stock application category. You can discuss investing with traders in a fairly large community. The advantage of this application is that you can buy and sell shares directly through this application. You can count on its security because of its features Touch ID.

This application is also known as Hanson Forex Investing which has lots of features. For example, open a position or install Stop Loss and Take Profit. You can also perform fast execution. This application has a forex calendar feature and Copytrade. HSB Forex Investing works with many trusted traders who can provide 24-hour service with a professional working system. He also has legality from Bappebti and the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.

RTI Business provides various information on the capital market in Indonesia. Starting from price quotes, charts, financial data, capital market news and information about the latest decisions of a company. You can also see an overview of the company’s performance over a period of five years through the income statement, cash flow, profitability, earnings balance sheet, and growth.

BCAS Best Mobile is a stock application owned by PT BCA Sekuritas. This application allows you to make direct transactions on the Stock Exchange. This application has a complete set of features so that customers and investors can buy and sell stocks online. You can do technical analysis with the Stock Game feature.

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So, those are the 4 best online stock applications in 2020. For those of you who are beginners in this world, you should try the application first. Good luck guys.

Greetings technology!