4 of the most deadly Hayabusa users in Mobile Legends!

In the Mobile Legends game, there is one assassin hero who is very deadly among the others. He is a Hayabusa who has the ability to quickly kill. In their work in Mobile Legends, there are some Hayabusa users who are the best at Deadly in Mobile Legends.

The ability to use the Hayabusa hero by the following por players does not make sense, the article is the same as Lemon and Kagura, the following line of players are also very famous for their ability to play Hayabus in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, we will discuss the best hayabusa users in Indonesia today. Curious about who the pro player is? Check out the following reviews.

The Most Deadly Hayabusa User In Mobile Legends!


First there is Sanz who is Onic Esports’ newest roster in Mobile Legends, his ability to play as Hayabusa is indeed very strong, he is not only able to play Hayabusa, but all assassin heroes in Mobile Legends and even Hero Fanny in Mobile Legends.

Sanz himself has become a mainstay player on Onic Esports today, making him a midlaner as well as a hyper carry which is the core of Onic Esports’ strength in various Mobile Legends tournaments.


Next there is Xin who is the roster of RRQ Hoshi, who is himself a hyper carry on the team. Xin’s ability to play assassin was greatly feared by the enemy. Xin himself actually has a favorite hero, Ling, but not only Ling, both Hayabusa and other assassin heroes Xin are very reliable at playing.

But unfortunately in MPL ID Season 6 Xin had to play as a backup first, he said that he would take a break for a while and come back for the next match month which is still in MPL ID Season 6. Maybe in the middle of season 6 he will play again as the main player. .


Even though Antimage is currently playing as an offlaner on the Onic Esports team, make no mistake, his ability to play Hayabusa is terrible, he is the best player for Hayabusa users in MPL ID Season 3, then Hayabusa really meta in Mobile Legends.

But even so, now AntiMage is playing as an offlaner along with Onic Esports and playing the hero Thamuz or Uranus who are its mainstay.



Finally, Oura is no longer playing in the competitive realm of Esports Mobile Legends. But the ability he has is undoubtedly, because he is now referred to as the father of the assassin, or someone who is reliable in playing assassin heroes in Mobile Legends.

Starting from fanny heroes, Hayabusa, Ling and all Mobile Legends heroes, of course, are familiar and even able to be controlled by Oura who is the King of Assassin in Mobile Legends.

So what do you think? Are the Assassin users above the best in its class? Or are you the deadliest user assassin? Don’t forget to comment below!

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