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In Free Fire, there are many characters that you can try for you to win the game easier. Some characters have a passive skill, and some have an active skill. And there’s also some character that can be flexible to use in any situation in the game. One of them is Paloma. So here we have some Paloma main strength in Free Fire that you need to know!

4 Paloma Main Strength in Free Fire (FF)

Capable of saving more assault rifle ammo

The skill that this character has is that she can save more assault rifle ammo. By having more ammo, Paloma is really capable of becoming a second fragger. You can rely on the entry to give information about the enemy’s whereabouts. After that, Paloma can come in to storm the enemy with the extra bullets that she has.

Flexible synergy

Paloma is a flexible character and she can be suitable if you combine it with any character in Free Fire. The skill that she has is suitable in any type of team play. Making her a powerful, yet flexible that is capable of fighting in any condition. With a flexible synergy in any team, Paloma is a powerful character and she is really versatile in the game.

Capable of being in any role

Other than a good and flexible synergy, Paloma is also a character that is capable of being in any role in a team in Free Fire. However, you need to know that her strongest role is a second fragger. She will have extra ammo than any other teammate, so second fragger is the best position for her to be in.

A dangerous rusher

Paloma can be a really dangerous rusher. Her skill will not make her back off easily from the enemy nearby. Due to the extra bullet that she has, she can advance towards multiple enemies. Without having to fear about running out of ammo, Paloma is the right character for you to rush. Other than that, the remaining space in the backpack can also be useful for you to keep other items. With this character, you can bring more things such as grenades and med kit in the game. Having more items means that you will have a much more advantage if you compare it with other players.

And that’s Paloma’s main strength in Free Fire that you need to know. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!