4 Rank Bronze Clash Squad Free Fire (FF) Tips

You should be able to know tips on playing in Rank Bronze Clash Squad Free Fire, this is one thing that is pretty good to help you. Those of us who play the Free Fire game now, can feel a lot of new and interesting things to try too. Since all of this, too, would definitely be a cool thing and shouldn’t be ignored.

Moreover, trying all the tips that are presented today, of course we can’t miss all of them. Because indeed from the tips now, surely you will have no trouble playing later. Especially now in Clash Squad there is a drowning bug in Free Fire, where you should be able to pay attention to this and don’t let it happen to you.

Even so, now my Esports will provide tips, so that you can Push Rank easily in Bronze Rank in the Clash Squad. Listen directly, below.

The following is a way for free fire players not to be ranked bronze in the FF squad clash:

Learn Every Weapon

At this earliest rank, you really have to be able to know how to play correctly and not get it wrong. You have to know the various types of Free Fire Weapons that are present now, because that’s how you are sure to be even better at playing later.

If, for example, all types of weapons are known, and the abilities of these weapons will make it easier for you. This way, getting from Bronze Rank to the next rank won’t be difficult at all.

Use the Most Important Clash Squad Items

When you play in this mode too, efforts are made to be able to buy Clash Squad Free Fire Mainstay Items. Because with things like this too, later you won’t experience a quick defeat if you already understand the items that you can use.

Yup, there are lots of cool items, so it will help us win the Clash Squad match in bronze rank. So right now, don’t ignore these items even though they are also expensive.

Best Weapon Skins

You should know that for example right now, there are several Weapon Skins at close range to use in that mode. Because what we also know, Melee weapons are most often used in Clash Squad Rank Bronze mode.

So, for example, if you have the Skin, don’t forget to use it. Because this skin will, of course, increase the stats on the weapons you are using.

Using the Clash Squad Character

DJ Alok's FF character with Heal continues on Free Fire

Right now, there are a lot of characters in the Free Fire game. So that way, know the Mainstay Character of Clash Squad Free Fire, so that later you can win more easily. Especially from this character, it can help you to compete even easier.

Take advantage of all the characters that are presented in this game too, because things like this are important for us to do. Want to win easily? Try the tips that are now.

You can also read the Leaks of the Halloween Free Fire Event that will be coming later, hopefully there are many unique things for you to get. So this will also work really well, where every event will definitely give you lots of cool prizes from the mission event later.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.