4 Reasons for Fast Death of FF When Playing Free Fire Games

You have to know the reasons for dying quickly when playing Free Fire games, this is one of the things you need to feel later. That way you don’t miss this important information. Then you also need to know, if for example to compete later it will be even better if you know all the tips that are presented for the future too.

Every player in the Free Fire game has different ways to play. Of course with this way of playing, it will be easier for us to win later. Although there are some tips to become a Free Fire Pro Player, which we need to know about later. So that in the future when competing too, it can be more and less difficult at push rank too.

Especially for now, because it is necessary to know the reason why dying in the Free Fire game is fast. Curious? let’s just look at the explanation in the article below.

The following are reasons for dying quickly when playing free fire that FF players should know:

1. Hit Headshot

The weapons we use and the enemies use when competing, do cause quite a lot of damage and are deadly. So if it is about the body part is Bodyshot and if the head is Headshot. When you direct the head, the damage is greater.

If you are hit by Headshot too often or with this deadly weapon, of course you will quickly die and be defeated by the enemy too. Just use the Auto Headshot Free Fire Weapon, so that later you can be faster in losing to enemies in the match.

2. Hit by a vehicle

Tips for More and More of Your Free Fire Friends

When we are walking happily, those of us who focus on the future can also lose quickly. Not from a gunshot or enemy attack, but losing because of being hit by a vehicle. This is one of the annoying things, because once hit it quickly dies huh.

If, for example, you experience something like this, it is better to be more vigilant later. Prepare the Gloo Wall and try How to Use the Gloo Wall Free Fire, so that you can overcome the threat of this collision later too.

3. Falling From a Height One of the Reasons to Die Fast in Free Fire

When walking, it’s better to be careful or when going up to high places, we have to be careful and don’t fall. Because if we fall, the HP we have will decrease. With the damage we can say is big, of course this will be a very detrimental thing later.

Especially if for example you use Zip Line, know that the Zip Line feature has drawbacks that are detrimental to us too. Still, be careful when using this, because if it’s good to use it, it won’t die quickly either.

4. Hit a grenade or landmine

Finally, you can die quickly, if for example you get hit by a Grenade or Landmine item. Both of these items do have enormous explosive power, which of course this can quickly kill you. This damage will ignore Vests or Helmets, so keep an eye out for this.

You also need to know that the mainstay items for Free Fire Player to date are Grenades and Landmines. Both of these items will definitely be very useful to use, so stay alert when you are playing and walking in the middle of this Free Fire game.

You can also find tips on using Free Fire Grenades, so that you can kill enemies more quickly when competing later. With things like this, we will make the enemy lose faster and return to the Lobby of this Free Fire game menu.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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