4 Strongest Synergy Magic Chess ML Makes Stress Against Mobile Legends

The selection and use of mobile legends heroes is a determining factor for victory in playing Magic Chess. There are some of the Strongest Magic Chess ML Synergies that you can use, one of which is the synergy used by the top global Magic Chess. Indeed, this strategy game if the synergy you use is not accompanied by luck, the result will be the same.

Luck here means the placement of heroes and skills issued by the players and heroes that are being used.

In essence, relying on luck alone is not enough if the game strategy you are using is not suitable to be the strongest synergy in Magic Chess.

The Strongest Synergy of Magic Chess Mobile Legends 2020

In the following, we will provide and recommend the strongest synergy of Magic Chess that will make you overwhelmed and nervous.

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Summoner X Guardian synergy

The first synergy that we will discuss is the summoner & guardian synergy. With this role, you can issue a Scarled Beast or other additional heroes who fight simultaneously.

If the summoner effect is activated coupled with Guardian Defense, it will automatically have an impact on very strong physical attacks and this Summoner hero will continue to issue additional heroes that will make enemy heroes become divided their attention.

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Weapon Masters X Marskman synergy

Using the role of a master or fighter hero is a very balanced synergy. At the start of the game, this does not show his ability, and instead will be stifled first. However, when you enter the late game, and the master hero is already at the third star stage, don’t expect your opponent to survive.

With this weapon master effect, if all activated, it will restore 65% HP after dealing damage, and coupled with the presence of marksman behind them that can cover the hero fighter. With this synergy, it’s no wonder your opponent will find it difficult to kill.

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Elf X Guardian synergy

From the synergy combination of 6 ELF heroes who synergize ELF has a 50% chance to give 70% splash damage to 5 targets with their basic attacks and 3 guardians, then you can increase the Physical Defense of the Guardians by 150.

So far, the synergy used has been proven effective for those of you who are doing push rank, so try to use this synergy.

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Synergy of Assassins X ELF

The last synergy is the synergy from Assassin & ELF. In this synergy, where you can use ELF to withstand enemy attacks and Assassins to jump behind the enemy’s defense area to execute enemy heroes.

In using this synergy, it is recommended that you use the Assassin to reach a 3 star first. If you haven’t reached 3 stars, your synergy will be in vain in using this synergy. Because the Assassin hero is a hero whose blood is very thin, so he is vulnerable to death or being killed.

That is the strongest synergy in Magic Chess ML that you can use as a recommendation for all of you. With the use of the right synergy, it is guaranteed to get a win for every win. Good luck guys!