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In Mobile Legends game, there is a Sacred Statue feature in each hero. You can usually get this feature for free as a gift from Starlight, now there are four Sacred Statues that will be coming in Mobile Legends that you can get in the next update. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about the four upcoming Sacred Statues in Mobile Legends.

The Sacred Statue is one of the items that allows you to customize the turret on the map in Mobile Legends. The turret will become a statue of the hero you play and will certainly make the game even more fun.

Four Sacred Statues That Will Come in Mobile Legends

Here are four Sacred Statues that will come in Mobile Legends, where you can get each Statue in an event and also a Starlight Member in the upcoming update in early 2021.

Clint – Cloak of Justice

First there is the Sacred Statue hero Clint with the name Cloak of Justice, which you can get this one statue in the M2 Tournament Pass bundle which will be present this January.

You can get a sacred statue of the hero Clint M2 by giving M2 Tournament Pass and completing events that are present in the Pass. So you can get M2 Exclusive Clint skin, you too.

Lapu-Lapu – Freedom Bringer

Next, there is a sacred statue for the Lapu-Lapu hero which will be a gift from the Starlight Pass in February. Of course, you already know that the Skin Starlight Member in February will be given to this hero.

To get it, of course, buy a Starlight Member next month, and you can complete the Starlight Pas as high as possible to get the prize for this one statue.

Atlas – Ocean Might

Next is the Sacred Statue from the Atlas hero with the name Ocean Might, you will most likely get this statue in March. And if it is true, the Starlight Member for that month will be given to the Atlas hero, but it still hasn’t got the official leak.

Badang – Colossal Power

Finally, there is a Sacred Statue that will be given to the Badang hero, Badang also apparently will get a Sacred Statue which is likely that this one hero will get Starlight skin in the next update.

Whether it’s March or April, but for sure, Badang will get the newest Starlight skin in the upcoming update. Surely you can’t wait right?

That’s all the row of Sacred Statues that will come in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this review can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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