4 Weapon Skins Promo at the PUBG Mobile 11.11 Player Festival

The excitement of the 11.11 Player Festival at PUBG Mobile is not over yet. Players can find various promos and big discounts in the game in recent times. Well, this time there are 4 promo weapon skins on Player Festvial 11.11 PUBG Mobile at very affordable prices to get and here is the info.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game known for its complex gameplay. But not only that, this battle royale game also provides cosmetic skin items that are useful for beautifying the appearance of characters in the game. The variety of cosmetic items provided makes players have many choices to be able to express themselves in the game.

Especially if there is a promo to get skin items at lower prices. Of course it will attract the attention of players. Now this month PUBG Mobile is celebrating the excitement of 11.11 by holding a PLayer Festival 11.11 by providing various promos to get cheaper skin items.

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PUBG Mobile 11.11 Player Festival

As we all know that there is a big celebration on the beautiful date of 11 November which is symbolized by 11.11. On that day, various promos and massive discounts occurred. That’s what we can see in various marketplaces.

Similar excitement was also presented in the PUBG Mobile game. Yes, this game is holding the 11.11 Player Festival which contains various promos and massive discounts to get attractive skin items. From 11 November onwards this massive promo can still be found in the game.

4 Weapon Skins Promo at Player Festival 11.11

Player Festival 11.11 brings a variety of in-game promos. One of the newest is to provide the following 4 weapon promo skins. With the 11.11 Gun Skin offer, PUBG Mobile provides 4 promo skins that can be obtained for only 40 UC for each draw.

The four of them are the best weapon skins with a very cool appearance. This 11.11 Gun skin promo lasts from 11 November to 25 November tomorrow. Here are 4 promo weapon skins at Player Festival 11.11.

The first weapon provided in 11.11 Gun Skin this time is M416 with Desert Storm skin. Its appearance makes this one of the best AR suitable for use in sandy combat areas. With a pattern that is not too complex, it still makes the M416 look attractive.

The next weapon is Vector who gets Burst Colorful skin. At the same time, PUBG Mobile also provides Fiesta Redemption Store at Player Festival 11.11. There is a complete Colorful outfit set, from shirts to shoe skins. Now, the presence of the Burst Colorful Vector skin is perfect for completing the colorful appearance of the characters in the game.

  • Tears of the Ancestors QBU

The next weapon that gets a promo at 11.11 Gun Skin is the QBU with the Tears of the Ancestors skin. It looks very epic. Like Namanua, the pattern is made like tears but made with high art.

The last one is a VSS weapon with Ben Wolf Warriors skin. For this skin, it also looks interesting. An unusual color combination with a chain pattern that seems to be wrapped around a VSS weapon along the body of the weapon.

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Those are the 4 promo weapon skins at Player Festival 11.11 that are ready for you to take home with a promo price, which is only 40 UC per draw. Remember this promo only lasts until November 25th. So what are you waiting for?