5 August FF Overpower Characters Must Be in Nerf Free Fire

The characters that exist in the Free Fire game, indeed there are quite a few and are useful for us to use. But it turns out that from all of these characters, there are several FF August Overpower Characters that must be hit by Nerf in Free Fire right now. It can be said that the abilities given by that character are quite strong and make us stronger or overwhelmed when we meet.

Until now, the best combination of characters in the Free Fire game is indeed quite a lot and all cool. You also need to know some of the Free Fire Character Features that are present, for us to try later. Of course things like this too, it is important to know. So that later you don’t get it wrong, in using these characters and combinations.

On this occasion, we will provide information on the characters that Garena should nerf. This is evident also from the part of the character’s abilities that can make us overwhelmed to fight it.

The following are characters who have overpowered skills that Garena Free Fire should nerf in August so that FF players feel at home.

  1. Wolfrahh

This first character has just appeared in the Free Fire game, you could say that last month this character appeared. But Wolfrahh’s ability is quite large and deadly. Of course, those of us who fought this character also had time to feel it and were very overwhelmed because of his abilities.

So Wolfrahh can later reduce the Headshot Damage from the enemy, then our damage to attack the enemy’s body increases. Now the increased damage can also be Critical, of course it makes Wolfrahh quite overpowered. Therefore, this character must earn Nerf.

  1. DJ Alok

DJ Alok, who has to be hit by Nerf, is the ability of this character to be very strong. Whether it’s in the Heal section or from Movement Speed, his ability is still very strong. So it is only natural that the current DJ Alok character should be able to hit Nerf which reduces the OP’s ability quite a bit.

Because if for example we are dealing with DJ Alok, surely that player will be superior. Every time we shoot, his blood will immediately fill up quickly, because of the ability given by DJ Alok. Moreover, the agility it provides, can make it difficult for us to fight back.

  1. Kelly Awakening

Next is Kelly in the awakening version, yup this is one of the features in the Free Fire game. The ability of a character who can be awakening, will definitely become stronger and more deadly. Therefore, later on, you must not miss the current features. But for the Awakening Kelly problem, you have to get Nerfed.

The ability given by this Awakening, is indeed quite large and very deadly. Of course this ability is given, the same as Wolfrahh but only in the first attack. When finished running, the damage from this character is enormous. So that’s why Kelly Awakening, must be able to serve as well.

  1. Steffie

Next is Steffie, he is one of the Tank characters in the Free Fire game. His ability can provide an enormous amount of HP Reduction when attacked. So of course it makes us stronger in the existing match. But this kind of ability is a must, get Nerf too.

Because Steffie will provide enormous defense, which is quite unsettling. It becomes more difficult for us to kill him, both using weapons with large damage as well. Therefore, Steffie must be able to hit Nerf later.

  1. Clu

Finally, Clu, the ability of this character to show the enemy’s location in the match. The maximum distance from Clu is 50 meters, where this is the enemy’s visibility using that ability. But unfortunately the ability of this character, got a lot of Nerf protests from the Wukong character players.

Yup, Wukong’s ability is Camouflage in Bushes, but this can be discovered by the Clu character as well. Of course that is what makes him no longer good anymore, especially since Clu is arguably quite overpowered. You will not be afraid, for example alone and use this Clu character. Anyway Clu has to nerf, because it’s quite OP.

Every character in the Free Fire game is indeed very good and very strong. Of course you have to be able to be nerfed too, because it can make the flow of the match more balanced. So for now, we are waiting for direct information from Garena only.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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