5 Battle Royale Games Similar to Free Fire (FF) 2020

there is a unique Battle Royale Game like Free Fire (FF) you can play right now. As we know, Free Fire is a game with the best and best-selling battlre royale genre today. The success of Free Fire has also influenced the world of games in the world.

As the best battle royale game right now, it’s only natural that Free Fire has an effect on the gaming world in general. Battle royale-style war games are being loved by many, especially young people. This has led many game developers to start developing games like Free Fire.

A Battle Royale Game Similar to Free Fire (FF) 2020

For those of you who want to try the sensation of playing Free Fire in other games, this time I have interesting information about a game that is similar to Free Fire. These games are games similar to free fire (FF). What’s wrong?

Here we provide several battle royale games that are similar to free fire until now

1. Royal Robots Battleground

The first game that is similar to how to play like Free Fire is Royal Robots Battleground. But what’s interesting about this game with the battle royale genre is that the character is a non-human robot. If in Free Fire each character has different skills, then in this game every robot has sophisticated weapons and armor.

2. Blood Rivals

This one game can actually be played online or offline. This one game is more similar to PUBG in terms of the seriousness of how to play it down to the map and weapons. Of course, what distinguishes it from PUBG is that the graphics are very different.

3. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

For those of you who like to play Minecraft, of course this Battle Royale Game Like FF FPS is interesting for you. The reason is that the world in this game has a pixel display like Minecraft. Weapons in this FF-like Battle Royale Game are also diverse. Of course, by playing this game, you get a unique feel with its pixel appearance.

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4. Desert Battleground

Desert Battleground is a Battle Royale Game similar to Free Fire (FF) with an FPS mode that can be played offline. This one game is a queasy game so it is suitable for Android with not too big specs. This one game has a desert setting with white character clothes.

5. Shoot Hunter – Gun Killer

The last one is Shoot Hunter which is a Battle Royale Game like FF FPS for Android. This playable FPS game has a 3D display that makes the graphics quite real. This game also provides a variety of weapons that are adopted from real weapons.

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Those are some games with the battle royale genre that you can try to play as an alternative to playing Free Fire because the gameplay is similar. Of course, you can play this game that can be played offline to fill your training time, and of course without quotas. Thank you and booyah! Don’t forget to follow on my esports instagram!