5 Best Combo Hero Valir in Mobile Legends (ML), So Ferocious!

Valir is a hero burst damage with a wide and long range AoE Skill. This hero can provide deadly DPS damage making it difficult to handle. This hero mobile legends with high burst damage can be even fiercer when combined with other heroes who can help him gather a crowd. This time we will discuss about the Best Combo Hero Valir in Mobile Legends which makes this ML hero even more ferocious during the game

Valir can be a fierce combo with other CC heroes and make him a fierce Damager. We will discuss Hero Combos that can work well with AoE Valir Damage.

Valir can do great damage and leave a burnt mark to give DPS. However, it will be difficult to deal effective damage because the enemy who moves frequently makes it difficult to inflict effective damage. Here we have a Hero recommendation that can help him in doing damage to the enemy or can be a suitable hero combo.


Ruby is a fighter hero who can attract enemies and provide a stun lock area which is very helpful for Valir to inflict damage. When the enemy is gathering, Ruby can attract the crowd and hold them together.

After that, Valir can inflict damage over time with his 1st skill and when Ruby has finished dealing damage from Ultimate, Valir can push the enemy so that they won’t give another attack. With Ruby’s stun lock, Valir can inflict great damage even to many heroes.


Minsitthar has the skills to attract enemies and create an arena that makes them unable to use blink or dash skills, making it suitable for locking heroes.

With this skill from Minsitthar, enemy heroes can be locked or kept silent for a while. A silent enemy will be a great opportunity for heroes who have deadly damage skills like Valir. Not to mention with this Minsitthar skill, the enemy is not only made silent but also makes enemy heroes unable to use their skills.

When Minsitthar locks enemies in the arena, Valir mobile legends can inflict great damage with a slow effect on enemies in the arena, so they won’t easily run away from it. With the DPS from the Valir skill, coupled with the DPS from Ultimate Minsitthar, they became very ferocious.


Gatotkaca is a tank hero who can attract enemy attention towards him and has skills that can inflict massive AoE damage. To start Gatotkaca Teamfight, you can jump towards the enemy team and give slow CC, after which Gatotkaca will attract the enemy’s attention to attack him. When Gatotkaca attracts the attention of the enemy team, Valir can inflict damage from a distance with his 1st skill. That way Valir can shoot safely.


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Franco can attract enemies from a distance and locks enemies. You can use this combo to damage 1 hero easily. With the skill to attract the enemy Franco then be given damage from Valir, after that Franco will use his Ultimate to hold the enemy while Valir will give ovetime damage to the enemy.


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Carmilla is a hero who can create life links, where the damage received by the hero will be shared with other heroes. So when the Team fight Carmilla will use a skill that will share the damage to the enemy. After that, Valir will inflict damage on them. Remember that the valir damage is AoE, so the damage received by the enemy will be greater because they will share a very large amount of damage for that 1 team.

That’s the hero combo that you can use with Valir. Some of the heroes are heroes who can hold the enemy so that Valir can inflict great damage. And also, a Hero who can collect enemies easily so that AoE Valir damage can hit a lot of enemies. You can try this combo with your friends to win in Team Fight easily.