5 Best Free Fire Clutch Weapons, Help Clutch FF

When clutching, of course there are many things you need to pay attention to. Starting from strategy, play style, character, and even weapons. Of course there are a lot of things you have to understand to play under pressure. These 5 best Free Fire clutch weapons can certainly help your clutch free fire.

You need to remember that this weapon is not the best solution. But it can be a benchmark when doing a clutch. The combination of weapons and characters will be very important. Besides that, the weapons you use will form the best strategy. Of course it is impossible for you to use AWM at close range.

With these weapons you can set your best strategy. Either avoiding conflict by playing passively or playing very aggressively. Whatever it is as long as it helps your clutches, of course it’s not that bad.

Here we will provide the 5 best Free Fire clutch weapons that you can use. With this you will be able to play better and of course it will be helped. Don’t forget other factors like character and strategy too.


If you want to play safer and more passively then AWM can be your weapon of choice when clutching. This weapon will certainly be very helpful because you can play from a distance safely and are not afraid to lose momentum. The most important thing about clutch free fire is that it is safe from attack.

With AWM you have to play remotely and safely. With this, of course you don’t need to be afraid to be attacked by many opponents. The thing you have to remember is your back. AWM is easy to gank if you are not ready.


SCAR is one of the most balanced ARs. Having very good stats will certainly help your game. With SCAR you can manage your clutch strategy more freely. This weapon is very strong either passive or aggressive.

SCAR is a very powerful AR with quite high stats. This is certainly very helpful for those of you who want to play without difficulty. Besides that, a good recoil is very useful for clutching.

The Best Free Fire Clutch Weapon – M4A1

5 Best Free Fire Clutch Weapons

Apart from SCAR there is also AR which is very balanced in terms of stats. You can use M4A1 quite flexible and of course it can help your clutch. Either as a passive or aggressive weapon, this can help to make your victory more difficult.

The M4A1 is better used as a medium and long range weapon. Quite different from SCAR, but not that far. Suitable as a clutch free fire, especially if you want to play safer.


FAMAS is a very powerful weapon when used properly. Stable DPS, small and good recoil, also a very useful burst fire. This weapon is suitable for use as a pick-off weapon. But besides that FAMAS is also strong as a clutch weapon.

By keeping your distance, you can play safer and don’t rush. Of course this weapon is very strong if you can use it very correctly. Being able to count as a deadly weapon certainly makes FAMAS very valuable.

5 Best Free Fire Clutch Weapons – SKS

5 Best Free Fire Clutch Weapons

SKS is a very powerful AR over long distances. As a DMR, of course, the DPS of this weapon is no joke. SKS is a very powerful weapon and can help you get easy victories.

You have to use it remotely, but that’s not always the case. SKS is strong even at medium range and not so bad at close range. Of course as a clutch weapon it is better to play it safe using SKS.

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Those are the 5 best Free Fire clutch weapons that you can use. These weapons are extremely lethal thanks to their respective advantages. Very powerful if used properly and with a suitable strategy.

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