5 Best ML Hero Rank Legend And Mythic Above Mobile Legends

The higher your rank playing Mobile Legends, the more difficult your game will be, whether it’s meeting a very strong enemy or your team is not too good and uplifting. But based on the pick and winrate data, we can see which heroes have high strength in the Mythic rank above mobile legends.

These heroes have a high impact and can even be played solo playing which makes them very strong and also deadly. The meta that tends to benefit these heroes is also a major factor where meta rank and pro playing have different scenes and ultimately don’t really influence each other.

Here we will provide the 5 best heroes to use in the highest rank Mobile Legends. In fact, you could say that these 5 best heroes can play as a team because they fill the complete role of mobile legends with each other.

If you can’t wait to find out what heroes can be effective in the highest rank of Mobile Legends, you can look down for the list.


It’s not without reason that Granger is the best marksman in Mobile Legends. He has poke, burst, DPS, range, finisher, mobility, and also deadly late game capabilities. All of these factors are the key to success for marksman where they are certainly expected to be able to carry the team in the late game to do kills and pushes.


Hero Pharsa Revamp Mobile Legends Buff New!

In the low and middle ranks, Pharsa is not very popular because she is very easy to lock and the ulti is rather difficult to use. In the mythic rank and above, Pharsa is one of the favorite mages of many people because high rank players already understand the usefulness of Pharsa. Pharsa is a hero who must be protected and spoiled, but she has a very high impact in the late game because she has strong bursts, pokes, and zoning.


Grock is one of the best tankers in Mobile Legends for several reasons. Has clear waves, high damage, CC, and escape cut which makes it a favorite pick of many people. Grock’s combo is very deadly in teamfight because it can lock and give high bursts to many heroes, besides that his walls are also very annoying and fatal.


Khufra can be played as a tanker or fighter, and both will have a high impact on the team. Khufra is almost like Grock, although not as thick as him, but Khufra brings many more flexible tools for the team. He has initiation skills, gank, damage, stun, knock, and also damage reduction which is also useful as an anti-blink.


Diggie is one of the best support heroes in Mobile Legends, arguably even better than Carmilla and Kaja. Diggie has very strong tools at a high rank because he has very strong anti cc, cc, and passive skills.

Those are the 5 best heroes in Mobile Legends for Legends and Mythic rank and above. At high rank, the cooperation and individual skills of the players will be highly tested because even a few mistakes will be fatal.