5 Champion Counter Malphite Wild Rift

Very tough to beat, you can try to use the champion counter Malphite Wild Rift which is very effective. Malphite is probably currently in the ranks of the best Baron laners. But interestingly, he is less popular with the Baron, even more often appearing as support.

Playing Malphite on Baron lane might make Wild Rift an easy mode. Unlike Fiora, who needed high individual calculations and skills, Malphite was easier to play. He has poke, harass, CC, sustain, and even hard to lose trades. Therefore, it is rather strange that you rarely see himself appearing on the Baron lane.

But even though he was very strong, there were several champions who could win against him. They are considered to be the counters of Malphite when playing on Baron lane. Intrigued, just look down for whoever the counter is.

  1. Dr Mundo
  2. Nasus
  3. Singed
  4. Camille
  5. Akali

I have summarized Esports so that you don’t get confused anymore when playing against Malphite. These champions are quite seeded and can win against them. Even though it takes a lot of attention, you can still excel against it.

Dr Mundo


Mundo is a laner who can not only keep up with Malphite, he can even beat him easily! The reason is because Mundo can win trades on the lane. Not only that, the high sustain makes Malphite’s damage somewhat less useful considering that Malphite doesn’t have a burst.


It is very interesting why Nasus won and became a Malphite counter. Roughly speaking, even though Nasus is not that thick, the damage in the early game is less, and only relies on slow and lifesteal. Against Malphite, Nasus has its own advantages. He can control the lane better and has CC which is quite useful.


Singed is probably one of the pre-5’s strongest champions. He is terrible with lane control, zoning and trading. These three things are what make him the most favored against Malphite. Not to mention that Malphite, who doesn’t have the skills to escape, will be easily shutdown by Singed’s lane.


Camille can also be your answer when fighting Malphite. Even though Malphite was quite sick and thick, at least Camille could fight him equally and had a slight advantage. Cammile has a strong and slow heal which is useful for early ganks. His lockdown is also quite interesting to lock Malphite.


Tips for Playing Akali Mid Assassin in Wild Rift

Akali is very favored when laning against Malphite either in the midlane or Baron lane. Akali has many tools that can be used by him. Starting from poke, harass, to his useful smoke bomb. The reason Akali is so strong is that he can easily kill Malphite easily.

Those are some of the Malphite Wild Rift champion counters that you might be able to use. Of course they are very favored thanks to the skillset and gameplay. Don’t be afraid if you meet Malphite on the lane.

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