5 Cooldown Reduction Items in Mobile Legends (ML)

In Mobile Legends, there are lots of items that you can use. Items in Mobile Legends are divided into several categories including attack, magic, defense, movement, jungling, and roaming items. Here we will discuss the 5 best cooldown reduction items in Mobile Legends.

Cooldown reduction items have a very important function in gameplay because they can make the delay time of your skills faster. Using a cooldown reduction build item is perfect for heroes who rely on skill as their main attack. Usually mage and assassin heroes are suitable for using this type of item.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the best Cooldown Reduction Mobile Legends items. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know what these items are, see this!

Here are the 5 best Cooldown Reduction Mobile Legends (ML) items at the moment:

Magic Shoes

Magic shoes are one of the best cooldown reduction items in Mobile Legends. This one item movement is the first item that must be used because in addition to making the hero mobility better, there will also be an additional effect in the form of a cooldown reduction of 10%. The price of the Magic Shoes item itself is also quite cheap, which only costs 710 gold.

Enchanted Talisman Becomes Best Cooldown Reduction!

Enchanted Talisman is one of the items from the magic category which is also included in the cooldown reduction item. By using the enchanted talisman you will get an additional 20% cooldown reduction effect. The passive skill of this item itself can also make you get an additional mana regen effect of 15% every 10 seconds.

Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time Mobile legends is a cooldown reduction item that we recommend for use in a match because this item will provide an additional cooldown reduction effect of 15%. In addition, passive skills from fleeting time itself can make the cooldown of your ultimate skill faster by 30% if you succeed in eliminating your opponent or just getting an assist. Usually this item is used by Mage heroes in gameplay.

Endless Battle

Endless battle is an item from the attack category in Mobile Legends which can also give you an additional 10% cooldown effect.

Apart from getting an additional cooldown reduction effect, you will also get an additional true damage effect from the basic attack after you use the skill. The resulting true damage can fight enemy tanks quickly and the damage itself is quite large.

Bloodlust Ax is a Cooldown Reduction Item in Mobile Legends (ML)

Bloodlust Ax is also one of the best cooldown reduction items in Mobile Legends from the Attack item category. Using Bloodlust Ax can give you an additional cooldown reduction effect of 10%.

In addition, you will also get an additional spell vamp which is useful for regaining your HP every time you use a skill. This item is usually used by assassin heroes in Mobile Legends.

So that’s an explanation of the 5 Best Mobile Legends cooldown reduction items that I have discussed in Esports. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you. Don’t forget to follow my esports!