5 E-Sport Teams Disbanded During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Some of them came from Indonesia!

The Covid-19 pandemic is happening all over the world. Covid-19 does not only attack human health. Various sides of human life besides health are also affected by the effects of Covid-19. One of them is the world of games and e-sports tournaments. This time we will discuss the e-Sport team which ended its existence during the Covid-19 pandemic

The negative impact of Covid-19 in the world of games and e-sports tournaments is the dissolution of several esports teams in the world. It’s a shame, a thousand dear but what else can we do, the team management has decided to disband.

Esportsku summarizes 5 e-sports teams that ended their existence during the Covid-19 pandemic. These five teams are spread all over the world. One of the teams came from Indonesia. Come on, check the list.

Avangar Team

The Avangar e-sports team comes from Kazakhstan. Avangar’s specialty is the CS: GO scene. This team has existed for the past three years. After disbanding the team, Avangar management chose to run venue management for the e-sports tournament.

During its 3 years of existence, Avangar was a prestigious team. Avangar managed to win Blast Pro Series Moscow 2019. But because of Covid-19, team management became chaotic. Finally, the Avanger roster was sold to another esports team called Virtus.Pro.

Avangar officially disbands on April 2, 2020.

BOOM Esports Team

The BOOM e-sport team comes from Indonesia. If you often play in the AOV or Call of Duty Mobile scene, the name BOOM Esports is definitely familiar. The good news is that only the esports team in the AOV and Call of Duty Mobile scene were disbanded. Meanwhile, the Indonesian esports team in the Dota 2 scene even triumphed during the pandemic.

The reason for the disbandment of the BOOM esports team in the AOV and Call of Duty Mobile scenes was the decreased team performance. In addition, the popularity of AOV and Call of Duty Mobile games has also declined.

Finally, the BOOM Esports team officially disbanded on March 10, 2020.

Of course this is very unfortunate for players who are indeed pro players from the esports boom. Well, but even covid like this was not expected


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The Vancouver Titans team

The Vancouver Titans team is a team from Canada. The specialty of this team is the game Overwatch. The name Vancouver Titans is quite prestigious in the world Overwatch game scene.

The reason for the disbandment of Vancouver Watch was that the roster’s performance had decreased due to isolation in their Gaming House. Finally, the roosters are returned to their respective countries of origin.

The funny thing is, after the rosters were sent home, it turned out that the management recruited new rosters.

Orgless Team

The Orgless team comes from Canada. The team’s specialty is in the CS: GO scene. The reason for Orgless to disband is still unclear. But what is clear, the existence of this team is eagerly awaited and awaited in the CS: GO scene.

Orgless’s disbandment also felt strange. The team broke up in the middle of the ESL One: Road to Rio tournament. In effect, the ESL One: Road to Rio tournament lost participants and couldn’t get a replacement. In effect, the tournament was a bit chaotic.

GamerLegion Team

The GamerLegion team comes from Germany. The team’s specialty is in the CS: GO scene. One of the main reasons for the disbandment of this team was the frequent change of roster. The effect is that the team is hard to solidify.

Until finally, the CEO of team management chose to dissolve the team and reset everything from scratch. Hopefully GamerLegion gets a new roster that’s more solid for teamwork.