5 Easiest Ways To Open Map in Mobile Legends (ML)

Open Map is one of the best strategies that is often used by Tank users in Mobile Legends, in order to uplift your opponent or keep your core hero from ganking. So here are the easiest open map tips in Mobile Legends. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about some of the best and easiest open map tips to do in Mobile Legends.

Even though there are several mobile legends heroes who have open map capabilities, in fact this can be done by all heroes. Now the safest thing is to use a tank hero as a check for the opponent’s map.

Shrubs Near Buff

First, you have to always be aware of every bush in each buff, usually to wait for your opponent’s core hero to get a buff, usually you often ambush near the buff.

When the core hero comes to farming, that’s the time to do farming. Quickly, usually unpleasant teamfights occur because of obstacles for a core to be able to escape in this situation.

Check All Shrubs Near The Core

Next, please check the part of the bush near the hero core. This is in order to keep a core person surviving without obstacles. If you succeed in doing this, you will succeed in playing as a tank.

The way is when you roam, make sure your position is above the hero core or in front of him, then check every bush around your hero core, or make sure when your hero core attacks you have checked every bush.

Don’t Be Too Offside

The next open map tip is to check or check maps that are too offside or too far from your reach. For example, when your core hero is farming, you instead open a map in the bush buff section of your opponent.

This is very risky if you get caught, unless you are heroes who have good durability and mobility like Hilda, Balmond or Masha. Some of these heroes can run away easily when caught.

Make sure to Ambush with Support

Next, the best open map tips for Mobile Legends are to ambush or go into the bush with a tank hero.

This method really helps you if something goes wrong, you can overcome unexpected things such as directly holding the opponent or helping each other to escape.

Use the Best Hero For Open Map

Several heroes are specialized in open maps. These heroes include Selena, Khufra, Hanzo, Popol and Kupa and other heroes. With their ability to check ambush easily.

Those are some of the best and easiest open map tips in Mobile Legends, I hope that some of the methods above can be useful and improve your gameplay in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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