5 Easy Way to Be Recruited by a Big Esport Team!

The development of esports in Indonesia is increasingly promising. Even now esports has been recognized and supported directly by the government. So many tournaments you can see in the years ago. But, how to be recuited by big esports team to join that tournament ?. Now, we have 5 Easy Way to be Recruited by a Big Esport Team!

Attracted to join? So must be carefully read this tips and do something that bring you to pro player for recuited by big esports team. Here an easy way to recruit a big esport team!

Participate in a tournament

Tips for Recruitment from the Esports Team

Don’t be pessimistic yet, what we mean is not a large-scale tournament, just start from joining a small regional tournament.

Nowadays there are so many tournaments held by schools, public places, cafes, etc. You can try to participate in some of these tournaments to get various experiences.

The more experience you have, the bigger potential you can achieve. The point is to keep trying, and when it fails just try again.

Put the username on the leaderboard

Easy Ways to Recruit a Big Esports Team!

Leaderboard is a place for a game to determine the ranking of players. The higher your rank, the more likely you are to be recruited by a big esports team.

Many esports teams are looking for their members using the leaderboard. At this time many of them have been recruited to participate in various competitions.

Now for those of you who want to be recruited by an esports team, it never hurts to improve your skill and head for the top leaderboard. Who knows one day you will be contacted by someone.

Participate an Esports Team Open Selection

Tips for Recruitment from the Esports Team

Some esports teams usually have a competition on purpose of recruiting members. You can try to participate in the selection so you can be recruited by them.

In order to know the selection, all you have to do is follow the official page of the team you want. If there is a competition, just follow the direction from the page.

Focus in One Game

Easy Ways to Recruit a Big Esports Team!

Nowadays many tournament games are held, for example, Free Fire, Mobile LEgends, PUBG Mobile, etc. For you to be recruited, you have to focus on just one game. Why is that? Indeed playing a lot of games is very fun, but your focus will be divided into the games you play. By focusing on just one game, then you will be more accustomed to and your skills can increase over time. In addition, to reach the top of the leaderboard, you must have plenty of time to reach it.


Tips for Recruitment from the Esports Team

Insiders are indeed very important to make it easier for you to get into the world of esports, not just the world of work. The insiders referred here mean you must have friends who have previously joined the esport team. If previously you were a team playing together, who knows he will recommend you to join when they are short of members?

That’s tips for you to be recruited by an esports team in Indonesia. If you are still confused how do you get to take part in the tournament? Just wait, we provide a channel on Tournament Information for providing you the latest tournament information at the moment.