5 Errors of User Bruno in Mobile Legends (ML)

Bruno is one of the marksman heroes in Mobile Legends who relies heavily on true damage and critical damage from his basic attacks to defeat his opponent. Bruno is one of the heroes who is suitable to be played as a hyper carry in gameplay. Even though it seems strong, there are still some user errors from Bruno in Mobile Legends that can cause blunders.

Every player in Mobile Legends can play Bruno. But not all of them can master this hero and maximize his performance properly. This is evidenced by the many mistakes Bruno users often find in gameplay. To be able to play this hero well, you have to master each of his attack skills well.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the mistakes of Bruno in Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know what mistakes are often made by User Bruno Mobile Legends, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

User Bruno Mobile Legends error

Esportsku has created a list in which User Bruno often makes mistakes in Mobile Legends. You can see the list of mistakes below!

  • Inadequate Skill Usage
  • Farming Too Much and Ignoring Laning
  • Cannot Maintain a Good Position
  • Cannot Rotate
  • Often Alone on Lane

So, those are some mistakes that Bruno users often make in Mobile Legends. For a detailed explanation of each error point above, you can see it below!

Inadequate Skill Usage

5 Errors of User Bruno in Mobile Legends (ML)

One of the mistakes that is often made is the use of his skills is not optimal to attack the opponent. Sometimes Bruno users use their ultimate skills at the wrong time. In addition, he could not maintain his passive skill, so that Bruno’s basic attack returned to its original state. Make sure to be able to make good use of the passive skills so that your performance is well maintained.

Farming Too Much and Ignoring the Lane

5 Errors of User Bruno in Mobile Legends (ML)

One of Bruno’s most annoying mistakes is to farm too much and neglect laning. Indeed, the marksman hero requires farming but keeping the lane is also one of his obligations. Don’t make a mistake like this because it is a very fatal risk.

Cannot Maintain a Good Position

5 Errors of User Bruno in Mobile Legends (ML)

When there is a war, Bruno users often cannot maintain their position properly. Even though he is the source of the highest damage on the team. It is better if you are at war when you are in a good position so you don’t get offside and make it easier for the enemy to kill you.

Cannot Rotate

Often times the marksman user in Mobile Legends only plays on one lane. He doesn’t pay attention to the map and rushes roaming to gank the opponent’s hero whose position is offside. This error is often found in gameplay, make sure you rotate and gank so that your net worth will be even better.

Often Alone on Lane

Bruno’s mistakes are usually found playing alone in one lane and separated from his teammates. This will make it easy to target your opponent. Make sure not to be far away from your teammates so that you feel safe because you get cover from your colleagues.

So, those are some of the mistakes of Bruno Mobile Legends users that I have discussed in Esports. Don’t make the mistakes above so you don’t get losses in gameplay!