5 FF Cards That Free Fire Players Want

It turns out that these are the 5 FF Cards that Free Fire Players Want, of course it’s because the Player is really going to get a big profit if they get the card too later.

With all this new ff card information, then you really have to be prepared and don’t miss the free fire card which we can still get until now.

Who knows, you will be able to use the card later, if you need it, of course. Not only that, for now, from the presence of Ambassador Chrono Free Fire, players can get lots of cool items to try later. Don’t miss all of that, because this could bring you a lot of big profits later on too.

So it turns out that until now, there are some cards that we can best know if they are being targeted by many players now. Of course you are one of the players who like it, with cards on new information right now, huh.

These are the cards that free fire (FF) players want at the moment:

1. Free Fire Membership

First, and this is one of the target cards for many players is the Card when we become a Membership in the Free Fire game. Where this will give a lot of big profits, because we will later get a prize which of course you can use it if you get it. But because many wanted, of course the player couldn’t get it because of the price too.

Membership, which is present in the Free Fire game now, has quite a variety of prices. Of course, you can buy as needed, if you want the cheap one, but it can only last for 1 week. By buying a membership like this, of course there is one big advantage that you can get later too.

For the Weekly Membership price you have to spend up to 33 thousand Rupiah only, this can already get 60 Diamond Bonus every day (1 week can get this) up to a total of 420 Diamonds. Then if the monthly one has to spend up to 119 thousand, get 100 Diamonds first you buy and still get 60 Diamonds per day (for 1 month) a total of 1200 Diamonds.

2. Elite Pass Card

Then this second one is indeed quite the target of the most sought after by the players. The Free Fire Elite Pass card is indeed quite rare, especially if you are looking for a discount. Maybe you have to wait for the newest event first so you can get the Elite Pass at a low price. Of course with that, it’s only natural that the Elite Pass Card is the target of the players too.

In this feature, you can also get lots of cool prizes, which you can use when you compete later. So don’t miss all this new stuff too, because there is also a Way to Get a Free Fire Elite Pass Card which we can still try to do until now. If you have this Elite pass, you will be very lucky with all of it.

Try for those of you who like the Elite Pass, you have to get the card right now, because it is already present at the mystery shop event which is in December 2020 now. Having all of this means that you will be better prepared for all of this. Especially from the Elite Pass itself, the bundle is definitely good to get.

3. Change Nickname Card

Yup, if the third one will change the name on your account, of course, use the Change Nickname Card now. You can set a name that is even more appropriate, to make the account you have look cooler because of the name too. Especially when it comes to the Card, it is easy for us to get and of course it remains a target.

You also know about the Free Fire Change Nickname Card Discount, this happened and finally many players were satisfied with the new Garena event. With all events like this, you will get a pretty big profit. Don’t miss cards like this, so that your nickname can be changed for the better too.

If you already have this, then you can just use the Best Free Fire Nickaname which of course can make your account cooler and more interesting to be seen by other players or diadd with them.

4. Room Costum Card

Carrying out exercises while playing the Free Fire game is quite important for us to do. Of course you shouldn’t miss a few opportunities, to try and feel the Costum Room too. Because what we know about this card is one of the targets of the Free Fire game players until now.

Where it will give you an opportunity, to make a room for playing with friends or training with a team that you are ready to fight. Especially if it’s a matter of this Free Fire Room Costume Card Discount, then you will immediately be interested. The problem is that just to get it is rare in Indonesia, so naturally it is the target of the players.

For now, this card is still a target and we need to get it, if it is present on the Indonesian server now. With this card, players will be free to train their skills when competing and will be caught off guard when doing rank matches against enemies.

5. Level Up Character Cards to Level 8

The last and the target until now is the Card that will make the character Level 8 quickly. Of course that is the thing that helps the players the most, so that they won’t feel too late to mean the level of the character that is being used. That way, we really have to use the card immediately if we have one later.

The problem is that we know today, these cards are rarely found in this Free Fire game. Then, if we want to have one, we have to finish the existing event first, so that later we can use it immediately if we get all of that too. In this way, then you really have to try it and don’t miss the event that gives the gift card too.

If I’m not mistaken, we can get this card, if we do a Live event from the Free Fire Tournament game which will be present next too. That way, then you will get a lot of prizes and maybe one of them is this. So if there is a live event, just follow it so you can get the Level Up Card prize.

By knowing what cards are the target of players for now, then you really won’t want to miss the chance to get these cards too. For now, there are only a few cards that are present, but you must be able to get all of them, even though one of them is rare too.

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